Thursday, April 13, 2017

Guitar Solo (Small Victories Handmade)

There were a lot of things that attracted me to Cody when we met but one of the coolest things about him was that he played guitar. Who can resist a rockstar, am I right? All jokes aside, as a singer, it was cool to connect with someone else who appreciated music the way I did!

Plus, he can really play. Also plus, he looks really good doing it, if I do say so myself (some visual proof at the end of this post)!!

Sometimes we work out duets together where he'll play, I'll sing, and he'll chime in for the chorus or one of the verses. It's fun and he we definitely don't do it enough. A couple of our favorites is Fall Out Boy's "Jet Pack Blues" and Tegan and Sara's "Call It Off."

For the past 5 years that I have known him (and I am sure for years before I knew him as well), Cody has been buying and trading in guitars left and right. His collection fluctuates from having 4-5 electrics that he has fun playing with to having just 2 higher end electrics that he falls head over heels in love with.

Needless to say, we spend a lot of time at Guitar Center.

These days, he's in his quality over quantity phase and has two electric guitars that he pays the most attention to. One he acquired from a soon-to-be-traveling friend of his (after lusting after it for years prior) and another he splurged on this past year.

While he loves his second hand guitar sold to him from his friend, he is absolutely obsessed with the emerald green Gibson he calls Lucy. He went to Guitar Center with no intention buy (yeah right) and after selling a guitar or two, he somehow found himself buying a new beauty.

The day Lucy came home...

Yes, my peanuts. He named her. And I was officially demoted to second place the day he brought her home. Lucy, the guitar, is now his number one lady.

It's fine. Really.

When I decided I needed a Small Victories Handmade guitar brooch in my life, I couldn't decide between the blue one or the green one for awhile. Then I spotted Lucy, grinning coyly at me from her stand in the corner, and knew I had to get green and feature her in today's post.

What do you think? Do I look like I know what I'm doing with his thing? Yeah?


I'll leave the guitar playing to Cody and I'll stick with singing and looking good in my ModCloth musical note covered skirt, green sparkly BAIT Footwear heels, and rockin' guitar brooch.

Come on, I had to...