Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Strawberry Sisters (ft. Kristina from The Eyre Effect!)

Here for one night only - the Strawberry Sisters! Performing all their hits including "I Love You Berry Much," "Strawberr-ific," "Straw-very Delicious" and more!

Had enough puns yet? NEVER!

Last weekend I got to spend two days with my blogger sister from another mister, Kristina, from the Eyre Effect. Ever since we spent the day together last February, we knew we had to do it again as soon as possible and talked about all the fun things we'd do the next time we could make it happen. For some time, it was all sort of a pipe dream as I didn't know when I'd be back in her area.

Well, that next time finally came around! My one week in Vegas turned into a small tour of the West coast as I hopped from Nevada to Washington for some meetings at my company's Seattle office. Since I was hopping from city to city, I'd be arriving in Seattle on Friday instead of Monday - that meant I had a weekend to fill with some Seattle fun!

I texted Kristina immediately after my flight was tweaked to fit in Seattle and we knew what we had to do. One ferry ride later on Saturday morning, I was in Kristina's vicinity with a backpack stuffed with dresses and skirts. Of course, we made sure to do as much blogging as possible together - taking turns behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Don't you worry, my little peanuts, we didn't forget to pose together for some, too!

I wore my Tatyana strawberry skirt only a week or two ago styled this way and loved it tremendously - hello, these sparkly Robbie heels from BAIT Footwear were made to be worn with this skirt! I was going to share it on the blog soon after but then I remembered that Kristina was quite the strawberry lover and knew I had to wait and style a strawberry post with her.

Kristina's kitchen is full of strawberry details from curtains to aprons, salt and pepper shakers to jars, floor mats and even a strawberry shaped tea kettle! Could she get any cuter?!

Fun fact - when I was little, I had an allergic reaction to them! I broke out in a rash after eating them so we figured it was just another allergy to add to my (short) list. The allergy vanished as I grew older, though, and now I can eat them without a problem.

Allergic or not, one thing is for sure - you'll never break out in a rash by wearing too many strawberries. And thank God for that because we covered ourselves in strawberries from head to toe and the results are almost too sweet to handle!

Face it - we look good enough to eat!


  1. Gorgeous pictures of you both and I just love two bloggers for the price of one ;) These photos are so well executed - I can sense the bond just from the poses. Taking pictures with someone else is challenging but you've made it look so easy. And I love outfits with strawberries all over them :D

  2. So cute!! Beautiful lighting in these photos, awesome outfits and you both look like you are having so much fun, gorgeous! x

  3. Yay! This is the best most fun post ever! You both look amazing. How fun that you got to spend some time together doing what you love.

  4. What fun photos of you both wearing strawberry print outfits, you both look wonderful, gorgeous photos as well! :)

  5. hello there Sara...what a nice photos! both look very Unique,Fabolous,Creative and super Chic...cheers!

  6. Ahh it's been WAY too long!! Your blog looks amazing, you look amazing, Kristina looks amazing!! What a cute theme :)

  7. You both are so gosh darn adorable! How awesome it worked out you were able to get together again. And my gosh, these photos are absolutely magical! Loved your strawberry theme too. :)

  8. You ladies are so berry cute! (see what I did there?!)

    I love the light streaming through the trees behind you two - just gorgeous! I love a good coordinated outfit, so the abundance of green and red just make me smile. Hope you had a great day!

  9. I mean I think you need to just move here so we can do blog photos together always.

    Cody won't mind. <3 I had SO MUCH FUN having you for a weekend!