Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Secret Garden (Bernie Dexter)

I know what you're thinking - didn't she swear off buying new dresses just a couple months ago?

Yes, I definitely did. And I am still sticking to that mission. I know, you see me posing in a new Bernie Dexter Kelly dress and think I am insane, don't you?

Here's the deal - I sold a dress to get a dress. I have had a few Bernie dresses up for sale recently, either ones that don't fit me right anymore or ones I simply don't reach for. They've been kind of sitting ducks, to be honest, so when one sold a couple weeks back while I was on the road, it was a pleasant surprise.

Combined with some funds I had in my PayPal from a previous sale, I immediately hopped on over to Bernie Dexter's site and ordered this Kelly covered in beautifully Spring poppies. Because I have this print in a different style but never wear it due to some ill-fitting straps.

By the time I arrived home after my 12 day journey (Boston -> Las Vegas -> Seattle -> Boston), this beauty was waiting for me. And man, it was such a reward after quite the drama I suffered trying to get home.

I have been lucky in the past and in all my trips never missed a flight or had major delays flying to and fro. This time, however, I wasn't so lucky! My flight home from Seattle at 7:30pm boarded without issue but then we stopped on the way to the runway...and didn't budge for nearly 20 minutes. The pilot then announced because we were being prevented from landing in San Francisco due to weather (where I had a red eye connection that would take me to Boston at 10:30pm), we were going back to the gate and de-boarding. WHAT!?

Well, we got to the gate just in time to be approved to take off and land in San Fran. UGH! So no one left the plane and we started over. When I say started over, I mean started over. We even got to sit through the cheesy safety video all over again!

So we take off - an hour later than we were supposed to! I knew it right then - I was going to miss my connection in San Fran. The pilot and flight attendants assured us that if we couldn't land due to weather, the flights in San Fran would all be delayed too.

Yeah. Right. There we were, still in the sky at 10:30pm. Still in the air at 10:45pm. STILL IN THE AIR AT 11:00pm! I was surprisingly calm through this. I mean, what could I do? Nothing.

The airline app was actually useful - already putting me on a different flight after knowing we were delayed getting to San Fran. The problem? The new flight took off at 11:15pm and we were just finally landing at 11:10pm.

Well, we get to the gate finally, and we are all allowed off. I get to the service desk (along with more than half of the plane) and while I am in line, a service rep is all "because you were delayed from weather, we don't offer hotel rooms but we have plenty of snacks, water, and blankets here..."

Wait. BLANKETS? If they're offering blankets, does that mean there aren't any other flights going out tonight? NOOO! I just wanted to be home! I had been on the road since the 12th. I was ready to get home on the 22nd. Just READY.

When I finally got to the front of the line, I had a guardian angel. I discovered the 11:15pm flight to Chicago that the app wanted to put me on was delayed an hour - I could make it! So Carmen, the best rep in the world, confirmed my seat and sent me on my way to the new gate. I'd fly to Chicago after midnight, arrive in Chicago around 6:30am Chicago time, then board another plane in Chicago at 7:30am to head to Boston, FINALLY arriving at 11am - 4 hours later than originally scheduled.

This. This is why I avoid red eye flights. They're just no good, no good all around. But at least I had this dress waiting for me upon my (albeit late) arrival.

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  1. I can see now why over on IG you didn't know what I meant by a vest. I didn't realise you were in the U.S. Looking at the pics I thought you were in the U.K. with the snow behind you.
    I still thinks it's to cold to be out without your thermal underwear (vest as we say in the UK) haha.
    I'm very lucky that a vintage trader friend buys a pile of my clothes two or three times a year and then I can go out and buy some more
    Lynn :-)

    1. Hi Lynn! HAHA! That is so funny! Yep, I am in the US. Here in Boston, we are still getting snow. We have a storm on its way for April 1st! I do not have any thermal underwear on beneath. Just the usual undergarments and petticoat! It actually isn't too cold here, even though it's snow-y. Even when it is, though, snapping some photos doesn't take too long. I just suck it up ;)

      Thanks for reading! <3

  2. That's so annoying with what happened with your flight home!! I hate when that stuff happens, especially when you've been away for so long.
    Love the dress on you, and am glad you got it. I love mine so much, too.
    The shoes look great with it.

  3. Oh man, that whole return trip sounds SO FRUSTRATING. I am glad you were able to stay calm, though, because like you said... it was out of your control! Just never do red eye again. :D Haha!

    THAT DRESS THOUGH. I'm glad it was waiting for you when you got home, so you had something sweet to perk up the whole terrible return trip!

    Also it always throws me when your hair is all straight! It's so pretty and different! I can't wait to see what your hair looks like when it's curly with this new cut!

  4. Ugh I hate flying. This does not help my hatred!

    Hooray for pretty dresses though! The style of this one sure does suit you. I really like your hair like this too - it's nice seeing straight hair with retro style things sometimes. I'm a big advocate!