Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Orange You Glad Sping is Here? (Bernie Dexter)

Happy Spring!

I guess I am being a bit cruel by pointing out that yesterday was the first official day of Spring. Why? Well, last week the East Coast was hit with another snow storm - we got over a foot! I can't say I am surprised. I knew the warm weather we had was a fluke. I'm a Bostonian! I knew better than think we were done for the season!

Still, I can't say the storm bothered me much as I was in Las Vegas last week for Exhibitor Live and from there, I flew on up to Seattle for some meetings. Sure, it's not as sunny and warm in Seattle as it was in Vegas, but I'll take a cool 50 degree F day over freezing temps any day!


Does this backyard look familiar to anyone? Maybe? Well, it's a certain babe-a-licious thrift-lovin' blogger's yard! No? Can't quite place it?

Well, lemme tell you a story.

Because I flew from Vegas to Seattle, I got to have this past weekend in the city for fun. What did I do? Took the ferry up to spend the weekend with Kristina from The Eyre Effect - DUH! I bet you've connected the dots now!

Planning for this weekend, we made sure to plan some outfits together for some future joint posts (one coming to ya later this week!) and then some. We shot together, she shot me, I shot her - it was an all around blogger love affair, really.

We packed as much fun as we could into our two days together - including but not limited to thrifting, silly playtime with Kristina's two adorable little tots, and a girl's trip to see Beauty & the Beast with her mom!

This Nicole dress by Bernie Dexter arrived a mere few days before my epic trip to the West Coast so I knew I had to take it with me and Kristina so kindly agreed to snap some photos of me in it so I would be able to post it today as planned.

It's so so so so SO nice to get to work with another blogger and be photographed by someone who GETS it. Cody is a trooper and does a great job on the occasion I enlist in his help and I have my tripod and remote shutter for my Nikon and can do my thing that way, but to have another photographer/blogger (not to mention a blog queen like Kristina) help me out felt so great. She just, like, gets me, ya know?

Anyway, back to this dress! You all know how I love me a Nicole dress - Bernie does long sleeves RIGHT. They aren't restrictive, they aren't tight, and I can do windmills if I so desire (wouldn't you like to see that!). That alone means I will invest in as many Nicole dresses as I can. I had 3 already and snagged this one covered in oranges as my 4th when Bernie added it to her super sale this past month.

I also hear Bernie does not plan to make more Nicole dresses due to lower sales compared to other styles so I am glad I snagged the ones I have. I get why these puppies don't sell as well as her other dresses (I mean, not everyone lives in cold climates and want long sleeves) but these dresses will be (and already have been!) staples for me during our winter months! I just love them!

Do you own a Nicole dress? What do you think?