Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's Sara Reading? Wear and Tear by Tracy Tynan

Wear and Tear: the Threads of My Life by Tracy Tynan jumped out at me from the Amazon screen. With a title like that, how could it not? Is it about clothes? Is it a memoir? Is it fiction? Is someone else as dress-obsessed as I am?? I immediately found the description to find out more.

Turns out it was almost all of the above. Wear and Tear is Tracy Tynan's memoir about growing up in London with two glamorous parents - Kenneth Tynan, theater critic and well established journalist and Elaine Dundy, novelist and biographer. Growing up, Tracy's parents often dressed flamboyantly, standing out among their friends and peers.

Well, I could relate to that! I bought it instantly.

Told in sections titled after memorable clothing items of Tracy's past, Wear and Tear is a collection of stories that made Tracy who she is today. Some amusing (Chapter 1 is based on a pair or lemon yellow underwear, for example), some heartbreaking (a pink knitted cap that her daughter wore when she was born 3 months premature and almost didn't make it), and others somewhere in-between, Tracy's memoir is fast moving, entertaining, and down right intriguing.

Given the re-occurring theme of lavish clothing and standing out among the crowds, I knew this was the opportune time to show off my new coat I scored from ModCloth. It even matches the book cover and her parents' matching animal print pants! Meant to be? I think so!

I mean, look at this adorable coat! I'll admit, it's different for me. I typically opt for a simple black coat for the winter but when I saw this wild coat on sale after the holidays, I had to go for it. I also had a gift card from my sister so when all was said and done, I spent a whopping $10.38 on the coat! Not too shabby!

It's quite cozy, has a pretty full swing skirt to accommodate the puffiest of skirts and petticoats, and is super darn cute to boot! I grabbed a large after hearing reviews reporting the coat as running small in the shoulders/sleeves and am glad I did. I actually really could have sized up even more (let's face it, these guns simply cannot be contained) and gone with the XL so that I could accommodate layers beneath it on the coldest of days, but that size was sold out already.

Still, I feel purrrrrrrrfectly cozy and content in this coat and can't wait to take it out for a spin.

Oh come on, you didn't actually think I'd make it through this post without dropping a single pun, did you?