Thursday, January 5, 2017

What's Sara Reading? Trying to Float by Nicolaia Rips

Is it bad that I originally decided to buy this book because it was released on my birthday this year? It wasn't the main reason for clicking the big buy button, but it certainly helped. It was as though the universe was telling me I needed this story in my life. Turns out, I kinda did.

Trying to Float by Nicolaia Rips reads almost like a piece of fiction...except it's a memoir - and I love it! Rips writing style sucked me in immediately and I knew I loved this book right away - something I've been missing lately when starting a new book.

In Trying to Float, Rips shares her experiences from growing up in the infamous Chelsea Hotel in NYC living among eccentric artists and very unconventional types. Not to mention, Rips wrote this while in middle school and only just graduated high school this year. Yep, she's under 18! WHAT!?

Not surprisingly, Rips has been a quirky girl starting from a young age and I enjoyed her immensely. She never fit in with other kids at school, had her own unique perspective on life, spoke in her own way, and definitely marched to the beat of her own drum.

Gosh, of course I loved her -she is me! I was a writer starting in middle school. I didn't get into sports and didn't have many friends so when homework was done, I'd write. And write some more. So many fictional books were written on an old HP desktop my dad let me keep in my room.

Basically, Nicolaia is a girl after my own heart, you know?

Only, I am a bit bitter. How come I didn't get published before my high school graduation? Psh, whatever Nicolaia. WhatEVER.

For my Trying to Float inspired look, I didn't have to look very far. Before I even knew of this book's existence, I had purchased this vintage dress and bolero set off a vintage Facebook BST group. I have started avoiding true vintage lately after one too many disappointments upon arrival.

Many times, I have had the experience where online, the vintage item looks/sounds amazing but when I get it, it just isn't as I had hoped or it doesn't fit right. Vintage is tricky, can be very expensive, and often fits differently than modern clothes. So I told myself to stop leaping when I spied something vintage - it was starting to not be worth it.

Still, when I saw this set, I broke that rule. I am glad I did! The dress fits pretty dang well, isn't too constrictive or delicate feeling, and the matching bolero is just amazing. As I started to read Trying to Float, I knew this would be a great outfit to wear.

Sure, the black/white/red combo matches the cover's color scheme perfectly, but this outfit gives off some strong artsy chic vibes - doesn't it? Don't I look like I stepped out of the Chelsea Hotel and am on my way to the studio or movie set? I think so! Or perhaps I am off to meet Nicolaia Rips downtown to have a cocktail or two?