Thursday, January 26, 2017

Can't Rain on My Parade (Tatyana)

It's January - everyone's making resolutions/goals so I should too, right? YEAH RIGHT!

I am not about to start fitting in now, but as I put together Tuesday's post that included my favorite looks from 2016, I did start to think about 2017 and some of the things I want to accomplish. So, that being said, I will share something I decided to do recently (though I decided to do it prior to the holidays). I decided and enrolled to work toward getting my CTSM.

For those who don't know what that is (and I am aware that it's probably ALL of you), CTSM stands for Certified Trade Show Marketer. It's one of a few different certifications in my field that I can get to further my career and expand my knowledge of event planning.

Though I am not one of those career = life kind of gals and most of my goals are not focused on my job, I figured it was a good idea to do. It involves a portfolio and an exam at the end of the process but I am not going to worry about that much right now.

First, I have to take a bunch of courses. I am starting the journey in March at a conference - a tradeshow for tradeshow people?! - called Exhibitor Live and will continue to attend sessions and conferences that give me credit toward my CTSM throughout this year (potentially even next year depending how many I am able to attend this year).

It's a little overwhelming to think of all the work ahead of me (more so on the portfolio and exam part) but I know it's a good thing to do and I'll be REALLY proud of myself once I finish. It also helps that my company is paying for most of it. Attending the conference in March is considered training for my job so the show, the hotel, the flight is all on their dime. I am very fortunate - I know many don't have that benefit so I am very grateful.

That's my biggie goal for this year and probably next year. Cody and I have also started discussing working toward buying a home in the next 2 years so our goals are definitely shifting as a couple. It's going to mean a big change in how we spend money (bye bye new dresses!) but we think it's a logical goal for us so we plan to start saving money so that in the next 2 years, we can have a down payment for a condo or home.

So in the spirit of trying to save money and work toward my goals this year, I wanted to put together an outfit for this post that ISN'T new. I think 2017 is going to mean a lot of refreshing outfits or revamping older looks in order to put more money into my savings and less into new dresses. I will still buy new stuff here and there but it's time to pull back and focus on bigger things!

I decided to wear my Tatyana Rainy Day skirt to my college roommate's baby shower this past weekend (GET IT? Baby SHOWER - Rainy Day skirt???) and before hitting the road to attend together, Red snapped these pictures for me around her apartment complex. As you can see, she lives in a really cool building. She also did a kickass job with these photos, didn't she? Cody may be out of a job...

OK confession time - as I wrote this post, it occurred to me that I will be ATTENDING the conference in March for a change (aka not working the show floor) so I can wear whatever I want and not have to suffer in a boring booth uniform! THIS EXCITES ME VERY MUCH!

Hey, it's the little things...