Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Baby, It's Cold Outside: B.A.I.T Footwear Boots Review

One challenge I have when it gets cold here in New England is footwear. Winter boots just don't go with pinup style. I mean, petticoats and Ugg boots? No, thanks. I mean, I'm so not an Ugg boots kind of a gal, but you catch my drift.

In the past, I've worn my beautiful flats and wedges as long as I could. In-between snow storms, I still trudged on in my beloved warmer weather shoes with tights pulled over my legs. I'm learning it just doesn't cut it on those frigidly cold days or nasty wet days when the roads are covered in slush.

So what's a retro gal from Boston, Massachusetts to do? Find some cute boot options, that's what!

BAIT Footwear has become my favorite brand for shoes. Though on the pricey side, I know their shoes will feel good and last. Pairs I splurged on two years ago are still going strong in my collection and I wear them almost everyday.

I knew it was time to try out their boots for winter. After much debate, I now own two pairs: the Hadara in black as well as the Haku in black. I have a pair of brown lace-up cargo-esque boots that I also wear but want to focus on these two pairs from BAIT in this review.

I sprung for the Hadara's on Black Friday recently, wanting to replace my pair of black booties I got from Old Navy back in college (yeah, that's me - wearing the same pair of booties for over 6 years in fear of never finding another pair like them!).

Chic, low cut, and featuring the cutest 3 button details on the side, the Hadara is quite the dreamy pair of booties. They also come in teal and pink. I debated getting the teal but wanted to get the most wear out of them so stuck with neutral black so they'd match more. I do love the other color options. If they came in purple, I'd be in trouble!

As I hoped, the Hadara booties were the perfect replacement for my beaten up Old Navy boots and I wear them a ton. They zip on, sit low on my ankle - and are comfortable to boot (pun intended)! They are a staple in my closet and totally work.

My one complaint is that the material, a faux suede leather, is easily scuffed (I totally scuffed one on an overly aggressive branch in our driveway when wearing these the first time!) and these tend to get dirty easily where as a pair of leather ones do not. They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth, though, and are back to kicking booty (hehehe) in no time. They are also lower than my previous pair (they sit right at my ankle as opposed to above it like I am used to) so it took some breaking in but, in time, the material softened and grew more comfortable.

I received the Haku boots from Cody's mom for Christmas. She is on a bootie mission as of late (rockin' some cute new pairs herself, hello!) and asked me if I would like a pair of booties for Christmas. I laughed as I said "as a matter of fact..." and sent her the link to the Haku.

The Haku is a new style for me - they are taller than the Hadara, they lace up (though there is a side zipper for easy wear and removal), and have a 3" heel. I've been crushing on other gals on Instagram rocking the heck out of calf-length boots with their swing skirts and new I had to give it a try. I like that these hit higher on my calf for the cooler days and the leather toe and heels are great for the wet snowy days!

Like most BAIT shoes, it took no time at all to get comfortable in them and I had no trouble with blisters or wearing them in. It helps that in these, I am wearing socks or tights when I wear them. They are warm as well, keeping my tootsies quite toasty even on the coldest days!

What do you wear on your feet throughout winter? Do you have a favorite boot you wear with your skirts and dresses? 


  1. Both of these pairs are super cute, and I love them with white tights! This makes me want to step up my footwear game. Whenever it's cold or the least bit wet outside, I go right for my knee-high waterproof riding boots. It's a vestige of eight years living in LA, where the slightest bit of precipitation causes mass freakouts.

  2. Love your outfits and both pairs of boots. The Haku boots look amazing though, I want them!!! I don't get snow but it gets quite cold here so I wear boots, brogues or flats with stockings. x

  3. Wow I'm loving both boots on you, especially how you have styled them with the two stylish outfits! xo

  4. Cutie! Loving the boots. I am the worst when it comes to winter weather and my fashion choices. I stick to dresses so long as it is 45 and above, otherwise I bust out jeans and big old boots >_< Not ideal, so these boots are a great alternative!


  5. I love both of these outfits and hooray for finding shoes that work through the winter! Right now I just have the one pair of brown boots that I wear all the time, but I really want to get something different (and walkable) and black. It would be nice to have more options on wet mushy days!

  6. The Haku is my dream boot! I'm waiting until they go on sale (if they ever do again) to snatch a pair. I'm glad to hear that they keep your feet warm, I was worried about that in these frigid New England winters!

    You look amazing in these outfits, by the way. I love the darker lipstick on you!