Thursday, December 8, 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Bernie Dexter)

Okay, so it wasn't quite a winter wonderland the day I wore this dress, but we did get our first snow only a few days after so I say it counts! We woke up this past Monday to lovely snowflakes falling from the sky, our yard and driveway covered in the softest blanket of snow.

Sure, people drove like they never saw snow before (it happens EVERY year, why? WHY?), but I quite enjoyed the festive weather. Now, if we can get these fluffy flurries on Christmas, it'd be perfection (we haven't for the past 3 years. In fact, the past two Christmases have been creepily warm at a balmy 50 degrees F).

My gal pal, Jenna, (whom you know from her guest posts this past summer) so kindly photographed me in this outfit last week when we met up in Worcester, MA for some antique fun.  When she told me about this magical place called the Crompton Collective, a boutique marketplace full of antique and craft vendors set up in one of the old mill buildings, I knew I had to go. So I played a bit of hooky from work on a Friday and met her in town along with our friends, Karina, Caroline, and Vanessa.

Naturally, with this group together, it became quite the adventurous day. See video at the end of this post for further explanation...

We made quite a day out of it. First, and most importantly, we had brunch. Then we explored the Crompton Collective, where I think a part of me was reborn. How did I not KNOW about this?

Not only did I find a ceramic wreath with working lights for a good price, I also snagged three pairs of vintage clip-on earrings for a steal as well as a festive brooch. Lastly, just as I was about to check out, I spotted these vintage ice skates. Sure, they are going to hang merrily on my basement doorknob to add some festivity to my kitchen, but they also made a good prop for these photos. Don't I look like I am on my way to ice skate? I think so...

It was a magical experience, I tell you.

In my defense, these hidden gems are fairly new for this area. Worcester has really upped up their game in recent years, opening fun and funky restaurants, events, shopping, and artsy everything in attempts to make it a destination city again.

They've been being doing a great job at doing so, in my opinion, and places like the Crompton Collective will surely help. It got me to come back to town, anyway!

After shopping at the Collective, we headed into the city for ice cream, naturally. When we got there a bit too early (everything seems to open at 2pm in Worcester these days...), we killed some time in a nearby park. Hilarity definitely ensued. Again, hang on 'til the end of this post to witness it for yourself.

Thank you, Jenna, for snapping some pictures for me as well as introducing me to a such a cool place! I will definitely be going back for more antique finds in the future!

And now, without further ado, as promised, here is my response to anyone who thinks a petticoat and dress would stop be: