Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Unique Vintage {Light Up} Christmas Tree Skirt

As I started splurging on Holiday themed dresses this season (basically as soon as I was able to), I knew one thing was for sure - I had to photograph at least one of them at a Christmas tree stand.

So I started keeping my eyes open as I drove around, spotting a few popping up over Thanksgiving weekend and making note of the ones that were cozy or had some character. As December started, I remember being surprised by just how many popped up!

It reminds me of when you learn a new word and suddenly you hear it used everywhere. I started noticing Christmas tree stands here and there and before I knew it, they were all I could see!

I mean, OK, I live in suburbia. It's not so surprising. Needless to say, I had my pick of the litter.

By the way, how perfect is this brooch made by Small Victories Handmade?

When I decided I had to have this Unique Vintage skirt, not only covered in Christmas ornaments hung on pine tree branches but also strings of WORKING lights, I knew I had to photograph it amidst Christmas trees.  After considering all the farms and stands I had seen in the weeks prior to receiving this skirt, I finally just picked one at random and went for it - of course, it ended up being the coldest afternoon we have had yet. Also, ironically, one of the sunniest days...

I was tempted to throw a tree onto Betty the Juke's roof and bring one home but something tells me Cody wouldn't be too excited to have two trees...

By the way, have you seen Betty's getup this year? Her antlers and Rudolph nose are back but this year she's taken it one step further and got herself some pretty lights! She knows how to do the holidays RIGHT.

And yes, yes I do speak of my car as if she were real. YOU DON'T?

But back to this skirt. THIS SKIRT! You guys, it lights up. I just have to reach into my pocket and hit a little button and BAM! It's holiday magic up in here. We couldn't quite capture them properly since it was still fairly light outside but you can maybe just make out each white light in these photos. They're not sparkles, my friends, they're real, honest to God LIGHTS!

I owe all credit for this skirt to Cody, who not only convinced me to get it the weekend of Black Friday during UV's 25% off sale, but also so sweetly offered his credit card to do so after I hemmed and haw'd over whether I needed it or not. He also may have been a little bit inebriated at the time...

Is that bad? Am I a terrible person for taking advantage of my tipsy boyfriend's wallet? Meh, I'm not sure. I think the real lesson here is that I clearly need to browse online shops near him when he's drunk more often...

My favorite part about this skirt is surprising people with the lights. I've been wearing it quite a bit (to my team's holiday lunch, for example) and it's been amusing to  no end to randomly turn the lights on as I am talking to someone. They expect festive outfits from me this time of year but the lights just throw it over the edge. THE EDGE OF CHRISTMAS PERFECTION!

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