Thursday, December 15, 2016

Read My Lips: Lipstick Skirt Made by Anna!

Some laugh when I gush about the friends I've made via social media in the past few years. Laugh all they want, but I have met some amazing people from communities on Instagram, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups for brands I love like Bernie Dexter, ModCloth, and more, and, of course, through blogging.

I feel like I have my own global Squad. Move over, Taylor Swift. These retro babes are gonna give you a run for your money.

Joking aside, it really is a great feeling to have these gals on my side. I can be as confident as I am because I know these girls have got my back. They understand and they just get it (who else is gonna understand what I go through when I don't have a petticoat that's the right length for a particular outfit? #PetticoatProblems).

You all know about my infatuation with my sister from another mister, Anna, from Germany. I mean, can I gush about her more on this blog? I think not. Well, tough cookies. I am about to gush even MORE!

Recently, Anna started sewing. Girl is brave. I tried to learn to sew in high school. My mom's friend, Donna, tried to teach me. I made two skirts. Then gave up. Dang, it's frustrating! You need a lot of patience - of which I have NONE! I can hem, sew buttons, and mend things (I mean I am not completely useless!) but I definitely don't have a future in dressmaking.

Unlike me, Anna is a champ. She put SO much work into it and didn't give up (unlike me). She made this very skirt I am wearing. In fact, it was one of the first things she made, packaging it up in her annual Holiday goodie box to me and Cody (don't worry, she and her boyfriend, Florian, got one in return from us!).

She hemmed and hawed about how "bad" and "messed up" the skirt came out all the way up until the box was delivered at my door (which took forever, by the way, with the package literally volleying back and forth from Jersey City, NJ to Springfield, MA REPEATEDLY multiple times for days on end, the box getting more and more beaten up with each journey - poor box has PTSD and needs to be rocked to sleep at night) and she is probably cringing right now as she reads this post but dang, girl, I am nothing but overly impressed!

Anna, stop bashing the skirt this instant. You are way too hard on yourself.

Did you hear me, Anna? I said shut up!

This lipstick covered skirt is just kick ass. We admired this fabric together for some time after Bernie Dexter released quite a few different dresses using it. Then, Anna scored some of the fabric for herself on sale and somehow agreed to awaken the beast make a skirt for me.

Since making this skirt, she has gotten quite good at this sewing thing and has even started taking some classes. I'm partly jealous but mostly I am in total admiration. I think it's great how dedicated she is and how into it she is getting - you better believe I get snaps of everything she works on via Whatsapp!

Part of me is daydreaming about all the pretty skirts I should be so lucky to receive in the near future...perhaps I need to arrange for part of my paycheck to go directly to her so she can continue supplying me with skirts galore...



  1. Stop it she's so talented! I tried to learn how to sew in high school (after watching way too much Project Runway) and made a few tote bags, a failed pair of pajama pants and then gave up. I wish I had the time to get back into it and actually try so I could make beautiful skirts like that one!

  2. Aw that was so nice of Anna to do that! I ADORE this fabric! I love my lipstick dress, and I also love the lipstick print in this colorway. The skirt looks great on you! Great choice of Splendette bangles for the outfit, too. :)

  3. Wow I think Anna has done a great job on your skirt and it looks wonderful on you with how you styled it! Love that lipstick print! :)

  4. I'm so in love with that skirt! Gorgeous!!!

  5. This is such a pretty skirt, and it looks like she did a great job on it! It is also making me think I need to get to my backlog of sewing projects (including a skirt I want to make with that leftover oven fabric, and a Christmas dress I doubt I will manage to make on time!)

    I also am loving the sweet bow in your hair. Have a great weekend, Sara! :)

  6. You look great!! I ordered a skirt in this fabric and had no idea what it would really look like, only that I couldn't pass up a skirt with red lipstick on it! I am so happy to see how awesome it looks on someone :)