Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ho-Ho-Harley Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

Now that December is in full swing, don't expect anything but Christmas themed posts from here on out. I might have 1 non-holiday themed post scheduled for the next few weeks, but who am I kidding? I am in full blown Christmas mode and cannot be stopped.

It is my recommendation that, if you are a Grinch, just avoid my blog altogether until December 26th, k?

 You might be thinking, hmm Sara in a Harley dress by Pinup Girl Clothing - isn't this something I have seen repeatedly all year? Well, my little reindeer, you are partly correct. Half correct. Top half correct, to be precise.

While I have shared outfits including my red Harley TOP from Pinup Girl Clothing numerous times (is there anything that top DOESN'T go with?), this is my first Harley dress, which I picked out in red, naturally.

I have wanted a Harley DRESS for the past couple years, drooling over gals in this bright jolly red, the dreamy coral, and even the olive hue. I just never got my paws on one. Until this Black Friday when PUG had their annual crazy sale.

I wasn't planning to partake in ANY Black Friday and be a good girl and save my money - but then I saw the red Harley dress was in stock in my size and well, so much for saving my money.

I may have also gotten a couple new pair of BAIT shoes as well. Speaking of BAITs - how awesomely festive do my green Robbie heels look with this dress?

Not to mention this kickass necklace I got at Target, which totally lights up. You can't totally tell in these photos but trust me, they were blinking happily away as I snapped these photos.


Poor Cody probably thinks I am truly insane by now - everyday I've got a new decoration hung or a new holiday themed dress arriving (oops) but you know, by now, he's be used to it. He knows what to expect after 5 years. It's gonna be a winter wonderland up in here until the New Year. I can't help it!