Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thankful in Voodoo Vixen's Judy Dress

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share this beautiful Voodoo Vixen Judy dress for weeks now. It actually arrived on my door step the day before we left for Aruba and I didn't have the chance to even try it on before taking off. Once we got home, though, this puppy was taken out for a test run. I wore this for our  Friendsgiving that Cody and I host every year and plan to wear it for Thanksgiving later this week.

As always, Friendsgiving was spectacular with all our friends crammed into our dining room to feast on turkey and lively conversation. It has certainly become a tradition, three years in! I guess Cody and I better be down to do this for awhile - Friendsgiving is here to stay!

I knew the Judy dress was my Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving dress right away. It's just so beautiful - not to mention named after mother (just kidding, but her name is Judy!)! I had seen the flawless Miss Victory Violet in it on her Instagram and tracked it down right away. After she so kindly re-assured me the sleeves weren't restrictive, I bought it in my size. How could I resist? Look at that draping on the bust! The buttons in front! The sleeves! The COLORS!

While the arms aren't restrictive at all on my chubby upper arms (phew!), it's not the most perfect fit. As usual, because I am short torso'd, there's quite a bit of room on the shoulders that one or two inches of height would take care of (if only I had that luxury!).

Let's be real here - it's a low cut dress, so pulling it down to fill the space in the shoulders just makes this totally NSFW (or in this case, NSFG - Not Safe for Grandma!). It's not totally unwearable as is, though, and I may bring it down to my tailor to see if anything can be done to make it fit better in the shoulders.

Dress adoration aside, I did want to express some thoughts about life. I haven't gotten political on this blog and I do not intend to - ever - but I just want to spread some peace and give my readers and social media community a warm virtual hug and say - hey, we WILL be all right.

Regardless of our leader (and regardless of your opinion on who was elected), we will be fine. I have decided to stay positive and hope for the best: life will move on, the sun will rise and set, we will laugh with our friends, hug our loved ones, kiss our boyfriends/girlfriends/wives/husbands/pets, eat lots of yummy food everyday, watch great films, read amazing books, plan awesome trips, and sleep in our comfortable beds at night.

All of that will remain.

For some - none of the above is possible (not to mention it all may never have been possible even before this election). So please, instead of focusing on the election and freaking out and adding to the overwhelming volume of protest and drama online this Thanksgiving, let's take a moment this week to step back and be grateful for the good in this world. Be grateful we have those around us.

And guess what? We WILL be okay because as humans, we have a choice. We can choose happiness and kindness. We can choose strength and confidence in ourselves and our community. We can be the change we so desperately need right now.

We are all human beings, we are all good, and we all deserve love. Let's choose to be good to each other, support each other, help each other, and come together. Why not? What is there left to lose? Instead of cutting each other down, judging others, ignoring the bad, and pretending we don't have issues, let's start this movement and let's be the change.

Help someone who needs it and offer a hand, smile at those who walk by you (you just don't know what a simple smile can do!), compliment others and lift their spirits, stand up for someone you see struggling, go the extra mile when you're able to, donate goods/time/money to those in need, spend time with your parents and grandparents, hold doors open for people, and pay it all forward.

I know there is billions more small kind gestures out there - use you're imagination! It takes a lot of energy to be mean, hateful, and angry but it is oh so easy to be caring and kind. Let's focus on that, shall we? Everything else will (hopefully) fall into place.

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