Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Storytime: LindyBop Book Print Bletchley Dress

While I may be dress obsessed, I am not always on the ball when it comes to hot new releases. I read my newsletters like any good retro gal does - LindyBop, Lady V London, Bernie Dexter, and PUG all sends them often to my delight. Sometimes, though, a few slip under the radar.

Including this one!

I have to hand all credit to my girl, Bristol, who is clearly looking out for me. She's SO on the ball. She's just downright skilled when it comes to spotting new dresses and soon-to-be released prints. I get texts from her often, pictures included, that usually say "have you seen this??"

I then die.

And then go buy the dress in question.

So if Cody ever wonders about my dress budget being blown in one day, I have someone to point my finger at. Don't blame me, blame Bristol! She made me do it! I HAVE NO WILL POWER!

All joking aside, the girl is GOOD and I learned about this adorable new LindyBop Bletchley dress release from her. Thank you, Bristol, my beautiful dress enabler.

I think this dress is supposed to be Halloween-esque with the little cobwebs hanging from the corners of the shelves, but I like how subtle that detail is. I am totally wearing it all year round. Then again, I would wear any dress all year round if I was allowed to.

By "allowed to," I am referring to the many people in my life who have a total kanipshin the moment I even consider wearing my wintry Alpine dress in October (I'm looking at you, Jenn and Cody!). Is it such a crime to break out the winter dresses early so I can enjoy them longer? Psh.

But back to this dress! I went with my usual UK12/US8 and have no issues with the fit - for the most part. The sleeves are a bit snug on me (what else is new? These chubby uppers of mine never want to behave in sleeves) but the fit everywhere else is great!

I've got room on the waist and bust and there is a bit of stretch to it, but not enough that I would size down. The material is polyester, which is different for LindyBop, but it moves well when on. Not to mention how adorable the print is!

Covered in books, this dress couldn't be more suitable for my closet. Some of the books have titles printed on their spines including: Music, Journal, Flowers and of course, LindyBop. There's even one called Herbs - hmm, for spells perhaps?

I am totally looking forward to wearing this through the winter - I got to wear it bare-legged and in flats this one time but it's getting chilly. I may have to call it and start wearing tights and booties soon! When that time comes, I can totally picture this with an orange cardigan and some ankle booties.


  1. Haha! Bristol does always have the best prints - as do you! Too funny that she is the one to blame. ;) I love this dress! And how can you say no to that print?! It's terrible, but I have yet to order from LindyBop...I just might have to change that, though. ;)


  2. This dress is glooorious and so perfect for you!!! I'm in love. And I love the way you styled it!

    I wish I had someone to blame for my wardrobe budget blowing up... haha!

  3. Aww, what a cute post this is!! And not just because you talk about me in it lol. I'm glad I told you about this dress, because I KNEW you'd love it, and look great in it! As English majors, we are required to have book dresses!! I am loving that orange hair scarf you paired with it, too. I need to try hair scarves! I love the back drop here, too. So pretty!

    1. Ha, I saw that paragraph and thought "YES!! Bristol always finds the best things and then shares her finds, and I'm so glad she does!" <3 <3 <3!!

  4. I've been seeing this dress by Lindybop quite a lot and I really love the print and the style! Cute photos as well! xo

  5. This dress is lovely on you, and I'm so glad you nabbed it before it sold out! A book-print dress couldn't be more perfect for you, and it's such a perfect match for that petticoat!

    And you can tell Cody that winter prints are great all year round, says A Girl On the Interne ;).

  6. This looks really cute on you! The colours of the print really suit you. I've seen others it doesn't look as great on - when I say others, I mean me. It looks terrible on me. I tried the skirt, and everything about it looked b-a-d on me, I think the colours just added to the effect in terms of how much it overwhelmed my frame. I'm glad someone got it to work though, because the pattern is adorable <3

  7. I love that Bristol is your dress enabler! This one couldn't be more perfect for you, and I love this cut! I had been looking at the same dress in a different print, and wondering if I should pull the trigger. Although now I'll have to wait until after the holidays since all of my money is going towards Christmas presents!