Thursday, November 10, 2016

Lady V London Pink Flamingo Madison Dress in Paradise!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my week in paradise. For those of you who don't know (and by now, I think the whole world knows), I was on vacation in Aruba with Cody for the past week. Boy, was I looking forward to it and boy, did we enjoy it!!

Let's put it this way - the last time I went somewhere for a week long vacation, I was in high school and went with my family to Virginia Beach. With no vacation time taken yet this calendar year, Cody and I had been counting down the days and when it finally came, we could hardly believe it and still didn't believe it when we landed there late last Wednesday night. I think we only believed it when we woke up the next morning to see the beach outside our room in the bright sunlight.

I am sure I will be sharing more about our adventures there soon, but first, I have this tropically delicious Lady V London dress to show you.

A few weeks before our vacation, Lady V London offered to send me one of their new Madison dresses to try and review. When I spotted the new flamingo print, I knew I had to bring it with me to Aruba. It was truly meant to be!

Needless to say, the dress was the perfect fit for our vacation and arrived just in time to be packed in my suitcase. We stayed at an all-inclusive adults-only resort called Riu Palace Antillas and I knew we'd spend a lot of our time sipping tropical drinks so I wanted to pack the perfect tropical wardrobe for the trip. I mean, can you get more tropical than flamingos??

I have bought from Lady V London before and love the dresses I've gotten. They usually fit me really well and their size chart is very accurate. I provided my measurements for this dress and received what I typically order, a UK12/US8.

For my 36" bust and 29.5" waist, it fits me pretty well and I just adored the little bit of va-va-voom that this bust/neckline provides. However, it is definitely a style better suited for a taller gal as the waist falls low on me. I am pretty used to this (I have a short torso) but it was a bit of a bummer. The seam falls nearly on my hips as opposed to my waist - you can see it here as I have added a belt on my actual waist.

Another thing I would change is the zipper - you know me and zippers! It includes a side zipper (my least favorite) and I don't see why as the back of the dress is nothing complicated and reaches up to my neck, with plenty of space for a back zipper. Luckily, I didn't struggle with this side zipper (probably due to it being a wee bit big on me) and I was able to slip the dress on and off with ease.

Fit aside, look at these colors! Against the soft black cotton (Lady V London dresses are seriously the most comfortable!!), the pink and teal pop and are super vibrant! It made for a super fun outfit one evening for dinner. When I wore it down to the buffet dinner one night, we were met with a mariachi band as it was a Mexican themed night. With a nacho/taco bar, shots of tequila handed to us as we walked in, and churros out for dessert, it was definitely a fun night to be wearing a fun dress!

Essentially, this Madison dress was perfect for what Sassy Vacation Sara wanted!

The Madison dress was sent to me by Lady V London in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.