Thursday, October 13, 2016

New York & Company Audrey Ankle Pant in Floral Print

If you had to read that title twice to make sure you read it correctly, don't worry, I did too. Yes, you read it right - PANTS!! I am featuring a pair of pants on my blog for only the second time. GO ME!

For a gal who really, truly doesn't wear pants often, it is rare I even give pants a second glance, let alone fall in love with a pair. But during a rare trip to the mall to find gray blouses (with the recent change in our company name, I needed unbranded gray blouses to wear in the booth at my recent show as we didn't know WHAT name we would be), I spotted these pants at New York & Company and tried them on for the heck of it.

Then the weirdest thing happened...


On sale, these pants were clearly meant to go home with me. I loved the colors - sure the whit makes me nervous to sit ANYWHERE but the teal, orange, and red? What a color combo! I thought of at least 3 tops in my closet I could pair the pants with and of COURSE one of those tops is my red Harley top from Pinup Girl Clothing. Like, are you even surprised to see this puppy back on the blog?

I am excited to wear these into the fall. I have a pair of tan ankle booties that may just work with these when the weather gets too crumby for flats, too.

Now, I don't like pants. I don't like how pants feel or how I feel in them. I feel like they show too much and feel way too restrictive on my waist/belly. I have always struggled with fit - I like high waisted and usually nothing is high enough. While my hips/waist fit into one size, my thighs often fit in another. Ugh. If I try to find pants that aren't snug on my thighs, the waistband gapes. Because of all this, I just avoid pants altogether.

Perfect solution, no?

Lucky for me, these pants kinda fit perfectly on me. The size 6 is fitted but not too tight on my waist or thighs. They actually don't hit my waist - they hit me on the hips - but it isn't bothersome on my belly when I sit down. I mean, I don't know if these would be the pants to wear to a big pasta dinner (come at me, Alfredo!) but they don't get uncomfortable halfway through the day so I am content.

Now that I have found these Audrey pants, I am considering broadening my horizons. NYC sells these pants in all kinds of prints as well as solids. I see a pants collection in my near future? Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world when the weather drops to single digits and we have snow banks as big as me in the driveway...

Also, big thanks to Florian for taking these pictures for me while I was with them in Germany - there was SO much good scenery there!