Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Halloween with Tabby Cat Crafter!

Bonjour & Happy Halloween(ish)!

If you couldn't tell who I am dressed as already, then shame on you! I'm kidding - I am sweet little Madeline! I remember reading her story and seeing her show as a kid and knew I wanted to pay homage to this storybook character for Halloween - just an older, slightly pinup version of her!

My inspiration came from a small jewelry shop on Etsy. Earlier this fall, I was contacted by Tabitha, who runs an adorable Etsy shop, Tabby Cat Crafter.  She wanted to see if I'd be interested in collaborating and offered me a generous discount if I wished to purchase something to review on the blog.

Well, I spotted her Madeline themed earrings and BOOM! My Halloween inspiration hit!

In fact, once I decided on the earrings, the rest came together pretty quickly! With eBay and Etsy on my side, I transformed into a retro-fied version of Madeline!

I thought this costume would be the perfect look for Cody's cousins' Halloween birthday party a couple weeks ago but realized quickly that these children were far too young to even know who Madeline was! Most of them had no idea and asked me who that was.


A couple of them knew the story when I started to explain Madeline, though. One gal, dressed as an angel, even told me about a story all about a boy named Frankenstein that is the complete opposite of Madeline - with a crooked house and mismatched shudders. What a cute concept! I will have to look him up later.

What is everyone up to for Halloween this weekend? Considering it falls on a Monday, that means we get to party all weekend long, right? I have a party to attend on Saturday followed by seeing Tegan & Sara in concert on the actual night of Halloween. It'll be a fun concert night for sure!

I wonder if they'll let us Trick or Treat on stage with them...

Speaking of Trick or Treat! My little pumpkins, please go check out Tabby Cat Crafter and if you find something you like (umm she recently put up some Christmas items that I am kind of obsessed with - a Christmas tree tea pot necklace!? I can't handle the cuteness!), you can get 15% off with this exclusive coupon code: INANUTSH3LLR

Cutest post update ever! My little angel friend from the party? SHE ASKED TO BE MADELINE FOR HALLOWEEN! I can't handle the sweetness! Guys, look at this cutie in her costume because she totally outdid me:


  1. I wouldn't have known who you were *hides*
    I never read or watched Madeline. Oops! But I think your version of her is PERFECT. I love this whole look!

    Kristina |

  2. Your costume is great! Very cute!
    See I grew up with Madeline, We read the books, I had the dolls and the movie.
    Thanks again for working with me Sara!

  3. I have been waiting for this post since I saw a little sneak peek in the swap group on FB :)

    You look adorable, and I think this is a great look for day to day wear. You clearly know how to rock a hat!

  4. Tegan and Sara?!? That sounds amazing! This costume turned out absolutely perfect, too -- the earrings are absolutely adorable and I love the primary colors of the hat, scarf, and dress!

  5. Oh this is amazing, you've done such a great job creating this costume! I used to love watching Madeline all the time when I was a kid, I still do when I happen to stumble across it on tv sometimes hehe x

  6. Such a cute costume! I used to watch the cartoon every lunchtime as a wee thing, back in the days it came on right after Sesame Street. This look really takes me back!

  7. Ooh I remember reading Madeline! This costume is SO cute! What a great idea!