Thursday, September 1, 2016

Modern Millie's Watermelon Skirt at SOWA with Jen from Dressing With Class!

Look who I met up with this weekend! You might recognize Jen from her blog, Dressing with Class, where she posts all her bright, retro, geek-chic outfits and crazy cool adventures all over Boston.

Little known fact - we live only 42 minutes or so from each other! So naturally, we knew we had to meet up this summer. Our calendars got busy quick but luckily we were able to make it happen on Sunday. We decided to check out the SoWa Open Market, which is open every Sunday in South Boston and offers a vintage market, art galleries, a Beer garden, tons of food trucks, and local artists selling their creations.

I will admit that while exciting, the idea of this place was overwhelming for me at first. I knew it'd be packed with people and probably hot - two things I am not so crazy about! As most of you know, though, I am trying to put myself out there and try new things when given the chance so, of course, I said yes! Besides, I'd get to hang out with Jen!

My nerves were over nothing as the crowds were totally manageable and though it was hot, we found enough shade (and ice cream!) to tolerate it. Thankfully, it wasn't a humid day and there were breezes coming through every so often.

But, seriously, why am I talking about the weather? Look at this girl!! 

I met Jen via the blogging world a couple years ago - her blog may even have been one of the first I followed due to her adoration of ModCloth (we have a handful of the same ModCloth dresses, in fact!). From our commentary on each other's blogs and chats via Facebook, I kinda knew we'd hit it off effortlessly when we decided to make plans to meet up.

Of course we couldn't meet and not coordinate our outfits for some photo fun! I went with my new watermelon skirt from Modern Millie's paired with my reliable Harley top from Pinup Girl Clothing while Jenn rocked an adorable gingham dress from LindyBop with a summery hair flower. We looked pretty darn perfect beside each other, if I do say so myself!

We also decided to make our Boston adventure a double date and invited our guys to come along. Luckily, both Dave (Jen's hubby) and Cody are social butterflies and it wasn't long before they were joking around and enjoying a variety of samples of mead together at the market (yay for samples!). It was almost sickeningly adorable how awesome the four of us got on.

We had a hilarious time snapping some photos for our blogs - both Cody and Dave got to be our semi-willing photographers and it cracked us up having two cameras to pose for! It was amusing how many people were slowing down as they walked by, pausing their conversations with each other when they saw us, or just downright stopped to watch us shoot!

Jen put it perfectly as one gal kept looking over her shoulder and hesitating to walk past us - I guess it's semi-interesting when one person is photographing someone in an alleyway but it must be super amazingly interesting when TWO people are photographing someone!

HA! This was our "cheesy senior portrait pose" moment

Maybe they all thought we were famous, getting snapped by Boston paparazzi in our coordinated outfits...

There were plenty of wonky eyed, double chin moments of laughter hanging out with this girl (a true sign of a good time)!

Please! No more pictures, please!

The market was SO fun! Not only because we were hanging out with Jen and Dave, but because there was so much to see! While the beer garden was a bust (there were only about 3 or 4 vendors when we were there, making it pretty pointless), we had some delicious food and each purchased some goodies! I thought it was great that we all found things we liked - signs of a good market!

Meeting Jen and Dave was so awesome and I am so excited to hang out with them again soon - it was a goal of mine for 2016 to meet as many blogging/social media friends in person and I hope it continues to happen. It's great having my own little community on the interwebs and it's so cool when I get to turn my online friendships into REAL LIFE friendships.

Here are some fun snaps I took throughout the day (mostly food related! Ha!):