Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bernie Dexter's Beauty Mark Kelly at The Drachenfels!

As most of you know by now (because I've been gushing about it for weeks now), I spent some time in Germany. While there, we did a lot of things, but one thing I made sure to do was capture some great shots for the blog! Anna and Florian happily took turns snapping pictures for me and I am super pumped to share these photos of me in one of Bernie Dexter's new Kelly dresses while sight-seeing at The Drachenfels.

The Drachenfels (which translates epicly cool to Dragon's Rock) was formed by rising magma that could not break through to the surface, which then cooled and became the huge mountain it is now (thanks, Wikipedia!).

We toured The Drachenfels on a sunny warm day and had a ton of fun taking advantage of nearly every nook and cranny the mountain had to offer.

Even the transportation was picture worthy! To climb the mountain, there are these adorably retro trains and get pulled up the side. We joked it was like a slow-mo roller coaster because of how steep the incline was.

Downright adorable, right?

Halfway up The Drachenfels is a ridiculously lavish old castle (that is now a museum) and that is where most of these photos were snapped. I mean, there was a classic Rolls Royce on display outside - how could we not pose with it?

My custom pinup brooch is perfect with this dress!

In-between shots of me, Anna and Flo had to have a little fun as well. They didn't even hesitate to have a go at posing with the car while I snapped away joyously.

I think these two need to start their own blog, am I right or am I right?

The inside of this castle was also straight up ridiculous and we snapped a few photos indoors as well. Lavish, much? Apparently some dude just built this to show that he could back in the day - the rich bastard!

At the top of The Drachenfels there are beautiful views of Bonn and its surrounding cities as well as ruins of an old castle, Burg Drachenfels, that was built in the 1100's with the intention of protecting the city from outside attacks.

Scenery aside, this is my 4th Kelly dress and I love it as much as my others. I sized up to a large in this one as I did for my red kitty and dried it in the dryer after its first wash to shrink it a bit. It also came out perfect and even though the white makes me nervous (SO MUCH WHTIE!), I am excited to wear this one with pops of red - come at me, ruby red petticoat, I'm so ready for you!