Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Rare Sara in the Wild: Leopard Print Eloise Dress Lady V London

For anyone who lives, well, anywhere, I am willing to bet your town/city does corny town-y things sometimes. Ours sure does! Every summer/fall, there is an art exhibit along a walking trail in the center of our town. It's called Art on the Trail.

Art on the Trail welcomes local artists to show their work in a unique way - among nature! Sculptures and other art pieces can be found on display along the trail and it certainly makes an ordinary walk in the woods a bit more exciting! There's even a special day for poets to read their work along the trail!

Now, as I have said before, nature and myself don't mix well. Do we have to revisit the 2 whopping months I spent in a foot brace after my hike on the wood trails near our office? You know, when all I did was walk and somehow managed to hurt myself? No, let's not revisit that Foot Disaster of 2016.

Still, mysterious foot injuries aside, I have always wanted to check out this local event that takes place a mere minutes down the street from where I live and decided I would before the summer really ends!

I couldn't think of a better dress to showcase in the middle of our small town wild than this leopard print dress from Lady V London. Rawr!

Do I look like a wild cat stalking the trail?

Lord, I hope not!

Truth be told, I didn't travel too far into the wild to get these pictures. I mean, if I injured my foot simply walking in actual sneakers on a trail, what do you think would happen posing in wedges? Yeah, I wasn't going to risk it.

My woes with nature aside, this dress is a total dream come true for me. I have always wanted a leopard print dress (even though leopard print reminds Cody of old ladies in track suits - don't ask me why!) but could never find one that was exactly what I wanted.

I lusted after the leopard Tatyana dress and had it on my ISO list for a long time as it is an older style they no longer carry. Then there is the leopard print Heidi dress from Pinup Girl Clothing but it's never been my favorite style. I have always kept an eye out for other brands, hoping one would be the winner, but none ever tickled my fancy.

Until I spotted the Eloise dress from Lady V London, that is! With it's fun full skirt, light fabric, and adorable little sleeves, it was love at first sight.

Do I love short-sleeve dresses a bit too much? Yes, yes I do!

Lucky for me, Lady V London's sleeves are always spacious so I don't have to worry about them feeling restrictive on my chubby uppers (thanks, as always, goes to Miss Amy May for such a perfect name for them!). Because really, aren't short-sleeved dresses the cutest?

The even better thing? I snagged it for less than $30 during their super sale. I had originally fallen in love with it before the sale and once or twice almost sprung for it at full price. I am glad I held back, though, as I saved a ton getting it on sale! Love a great deal!

Leopard print is fun to style. It's nearly a neutral with all the brown, tan, and black in the pattern so you can pair nearly any color you want with it. I had such a hard time deciding which way to go - do I keep it simple and wear black shoes and black belt? Do I go for the always reliable pops of red? Or do I girl it up in pink? Try something fun like purple, green, or blue? The possibilities are kind of endless!