Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage Swmsuit by the Lake

Do I often forget that I live down the street from a state park with a body of water within in? Yes, yes I do.

That being said, I am not much of an outdoors person - I much prefer indoor activities - but when I snagged this vintage bathing suit for a steal this summer, I knew I needed to model it by some sort of body of water.

You can't just pose in your driveway when you're in a vintage bathing suit, all right? Even I know that.

Figuring the resevoir would be my best bet before summer came to a close (has anyone else's weekends gotten as insanely full as ours has this whole summer??), Cody and I kind of made a little adventure out of it. I pulled on my suit and Cody grabbed his fishing pole and we headed down the road. I would have just gone on my own but, I don't know, snapping pictures in a bathing suit on the trails and in the lake by myself just didn't seem as safe as snapping pictures in the park in a dress like I normally do.

Do I think dresses protect me somehow? Apparently.

Anyway, it wasn't a big deal in the end. Cody got to fish (though no fish were biting that day) while I hopped to and fro, snapping pictures of me in my swimsuit and wedges (totally realistic shoe wear, right?).

The lighting kind of sucked in all the spots that captured the actual water but I made do. Darn it, direct sunlight, you're my nemesis with this blog!

So about this swimsuit.

Once again, the buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook deserve the praise here! Someone posted a handful of vintage swimsuits recently and when I saw this little number, I kind of fell in love. It's so girly and cute with its bright pinks and greens.

I wish swimsuits were still made this way now - the little skirt barely covers much but at the same time it covers everything. It's just enough coverage to make a girl feel at ease with herself. I am not a fan of my booty hanging out of anything, thank you!

While I could probably use some extra boobage to fill out the suit (there's actual boning in this puppy and definitely extra space in the bust), it zipped up quite nicely and fits pretty well!

Now, I probably would never wear shoes like these to go to the lake, beach, pool, and all that jazz, but aren't they a match made in heaven? How could I resist such a perfect pairing?

Besides, let's not kid ourselves, there's no actual swimming happening here. It's all for show, people, all for show...

Annnd blooper time! I accidentally hit the shutter button as Cody helped me take my wedges off so I could get into the water (he'll probably kill me for sharing this). He was really sweet and helped me a lot with this shoot. On the right is what happens when I give the whole cheeky winky face pose a try. I will never attempt this again. 

Bonus message: Doing this blog post was really beneficial in the end. I've been feeling a bit self-conscious lately as my weight has been fluctuating and was totally negative about how these photos would turn out. I was so afraid my legs would look dumpy or you'd catch a glimpse of any rolls or dimples. In the end, I actually love these photos. A few may have a bit of cellulite but it doesn't even bother me. I don't have to be a certain weight to feel beautiful or awesome. This bathing suit and overly large hair flower did it for me and maybe I do have rolls on my back (my wings!) and maybe my belly sticks out when I sit but why does that make me feel bad about myself? Why does it make ANYONE feel bad about themselves? We are human - our bodies change - our minds shouldn't. I rock. I am an adorable retro housewife with a pinup twist and I am proud of ME!

You rock, too. Did you know that?

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