Thursday, August 11, 2016

One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater in Julie Mollo

I had a little meltdown while photographing this post.

No, not because of what I was wearing - although by the time I got in front of the camera, I was sweating buckets! Gosh, it's SO HARD to get dressed when it's so hot! What's the deal? CAN'T I LIVE?

The meltdown was about my blog and my photo style. You guys, I've gotten bored. Maybe bored is a bad word for it. I think it's more that I've gotten sick of doing the same old same old every post. I find a spot in my yard that works, I setup my tripod, I grab my remote shutter, and I go through my poses.

I have been trying to think up new and different posing but sometimes I think I've done it all - at least all the ones that are flattering. Going as far as sitting or leaning, etc? That's hard to do when you're photographing yourself - I am not about to set myself up, take a test shot, check it on the camera, and go set myself up all over again. Ugh it's a challenge - there's no one else there to say "if you sit like that, you lose your legs - stretch them this way" or "oh no, that's not flattering, move that way, yes! That's better!"

Have my posts become robotic? I feel robotic. Because I work with a remote that has a slight delay (that way I can hide the remote or tweak my pose before the camera snaps), I feel like my poses aren't fluid as they can be and I am never in a "groove" that produces creativity. Or perhaps I need to add varying locations or change up my scenery.

When we travel or go somewhere that makes for a great backdrop, Cody has been so great stepping in and taking some pictures for me, but he doesn't enjoy doing it more than that. He's not into photography and doesn't get into it like I do when I am shooting someone. But that's OK! I don't expect everyone to have an artistic eye. Plus, I'd feel bad making his weekends all about me. I do all my blogging on weekends and while it's only about 30 minutes to an hour of my weekend sometimes, if I asked him to play photographer every weekend, he wouldn't be a happy camper.

Meltdown aside, I was actually pleased as punch in this head-to-toe purple outfit, courtesy of Julie Mollo's recent sale and secret Twitter discount code. This gal is SO COOL. She is actually from Massachusetts and we grew up in the same area(ish). I met her at last year's New England Shakeup and purchased my first retroversible skirt (oh my gosh, I photographed it in THIS SAME SPOT - see?!? I need help!) and immediately liked her. She's spunky, energetic, unique, and totally adorable. Basically, I want to be her when I grow up.

I loved my pink and yellow retroversible skirt so when she released her new gingham line this year, I was drooling. For the longest time I couldn't decide between the red or purple skirts and tops - they are both my favorite colors!! Then I spotted Miss Victory Violet (the queen!) in the purple set and well, my mind was made for me.

The top is super cute - and aptly named the BAE Blouse - and I can't wait to wear it in a more casual setting. It'll be so cute under a cardigan once it gets cold out! I didn't know how I'd feel about the high neckline, but it's not tight at all and the bow is too cute!

The skirt is even better! While I liked the tie feature on my pink/yellow version, this time around Julie left out the tie and added a button enclosure at the waist. I prefer that more - I am much more able to fasten a belt around it this way.

I also dig that there's a solid purple side and then a purple and white gingham side. Whether I am in a print mood or solid mood, this skirt will cater to both! As always, her heavy duty metal zipper makes for an easy wear and simple reversible possibilities! Love this gal! She truly thinks of everything!

Overall, I think I need some good ol' fashion inspiration. I have a few upcoming blog posts in my plans that I have particular locations picked out for and I am hoping that shooting somewhere new will help get me out of my blogging/posing rut, but I don't know.

Do any of my fellow blogger gals have any advice? Any suggestions?  


  1. Awesome post title! That song is just one of the most smiling inducingly fabulous novelty tunes of all time. :)

    This outfit is sooo pretty! I love the bevy of purple shades at work here and your fabulous jewelry (that bangle!!!).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Ahhh I love the purple! I had a post with a similar title and I totally agree with Jessica - you can't help but smile when you think about that song! I totally get what you're saying about a blogging can get frustrating when you want to try something new but don't know how. When that's happened for me, I find that writing a different kind of post - i.e., a sewing tutorial or a review of my favorite petticoats or my favorite makeup products - somehow it helps me to branch out (and also feel like i'm helping someone who may have wondered about a particular sewing technique). For the record - I love your photos and backdrops! =)


  3. I know that feel! About a year ago I stopped shooting in my own yard, and that has made such a difference. Walking even a block or two can yield unexpected scenery. I rotate among a few spots in my neighborhood, and though I never have to go very far, it feels fresh.

    Also, have you considered using the timer on your camera instead of a remote? I find that the timer gives me a bit more leeway in terms of creative poses. I'm able to pull off seated shots and interesting angles.

    Best of luck! I've totally been there, so let me know if you'd like to discuss it more.

    - Skye

    1. Hi Skye! Phew! Glad I am not the only one. I gotta try to find some new spots soon! As for timer, yes, my remote actually triggers the timer. So when I press my remote, it doesn't trigger for about 3-5 seconds. This gives me time to hide my remote and then pose. I dislike timers bc it would just take so long to go back and forth to the camera to set it so the remote triggering the timer helps that. I think I have to just try some seated shots or other ideas and find out what I think. The only way to find out is try, right?? =)

  4. This. Is. So. Pretty!
    I love the purple on you. I want it on me! haha You look super lovely and beautiful.
    I really love your photos and you outfits and all that, but the main thing is being happy with what you do, and if you don't feel happy then you need to change something. I felt the same when shooting indoors (it gets so cold here during winter, going out is a pain), but when I changed my setting I felt happier. So that might just be the trick. Also agree with the comment above about setting the timer of the camera. You could try it out and see if you feel more creative...
    Anyway, I really enjoy your posts! Just as they are actually.
    Much love,

  5. Purple princess! You're too cute. What makes it even better is that you got such a great deal on the outfit!
    Yeaaaa, this heat has been pretty damn unbearble, and definitely does make it really annoying to try and get dressed and do hair and make up!!

  6. I looove that purple gingham and it's reversible! So cool!!!! I know exactly how you feel. It's such a pain to take photos of yourself...try to get the pose you want and jog back over to the camera to see if it came out all right. Whew, it's a work out! and when it's super hot out...even worse. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I could take photos of myself. hahaha....

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