Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Graduating from the "Academy of Style" (Etsy Shop)

I recently stumbled upon an Etsy shop called Academy of Style and fell in love with the dresses in the UK based shop: bright, retro, and with prints all over, this shop was speaking my language!

There was one covered in these big daisies that I really wanted but it was sold out of my size. Needless to say, it didn't take me too long to find a close second.

This beauty - bright and bold green with purple blossoms and polka dots all over it? Come on, how could I resist?

It arrived about a week later in all its charm. I was happy to find it made out of a very lightweight cotton - it made getting dressed in the immense heat and humidity so easy! I cannot complain about that! It is such torture trying to put together a complicated outfit when it's this hot - if I can, I avoid separates and live in the dresses I have that slip on easy.

My initial response to being in this dress was "hello, boobies!" It's such a boobie booster dress - which resulted in NO complaints from Cody that morning! I don't often wear low cut things or try to emphasize by chest. I'm just not comfortable - but occasionally, I don't mind showing a little cleavage. So I mean, if cleavage is gonna be shown, it better be a GOOD look.

I'd say this dress fits that bill - the deep v-neck front (and back!) is just so dang flattering and the darting/gathering included on the bust and shoulders works such wonders. For work, I'd add a pin in the front, I think, but for all else? LET THE GIRLS GO LOOSE!

I never thought I'd be supportive of pairing green and purple together but something about this dress makes me rethink that belief. I am totally digging these bold tones together!

And hey, I'll take any excuse to pull out my sparkly purple Robbie heels from BAIT Footwear!

My one caveat with this dress would be the waist. It came with a sash made of the same fabric looped into large belt loops. The seam of the dress is actually not the waist but under the bust (so more of an empire waist? Is that the term?) but the large sash included seemed measured to cover the waist and seam.

I dislike fabric sashes (I prefer a belt for a more cinched and flattering look) so I snipped off the belt loops (they just looked silly without the sash to fill them) and just fastened my belt where the seam fell to avoid an awkward gap. It's not the ideal, but it works.

That aside, it's a pretty perfect addition to my closet. Adding some green is a good challenge for me - I don't have much of it - and now I've got one more beauty to reach for when it's over 90 degrees F and humidity is at its highest!

By the way, I was included in this week's Links a la Mode (side note: whenever I see the term "a la mode" I hear Olive in Little Miss Sunshine pronouncing it "a la mode-y") from IFB. Check out the list of bloggers here:

Links à la Mode, August 4th
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