Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Bernie Dexter Dresses?

Is it Bernie Dexter month or something? Apparently so, according to my blog! A couple of weeks ago I shared a purrrrrfectly adorable Bernie covered in kitties and today I am showing off yet another cutie (there may even be another in the works! Eek!)!

My absolute favorite new style from Bernie Dexter is the Kelly. With short sleeves, a zipper front, and some of the best pleating in town, it's sure to be a hit if your fantasy is to be a 50's housewife. It sure is mine and I must have all the Kelly dresses!

Before this post, I had only sprung for one - the kitchen print - but then my birthday came around instead of bringing me a wrapped gift of his own, Cody uttered the question that every dress obsessed girl wants to hear...

"Is there a dress you would like me to order for you?"

I know, he's such a keeper!!!!

Needless to say, I pointed him in the direction of this dress off the Unique Vintage website (this print has now been sold out on Bernie Dexter's site and won't be restocked until the winter). Boom! The rest is history!

Sure, some boyfriends woo their girlfriends on their birthdays with flowers and surprises galore but that's just not Cody's style. He isn't much of a planner and has trouble knowing what to get me. So usually we share wishlists around holidays or for my birthday, he tends to take me shopping. It's fine by me - he gets to NOT worry about whether or not I'll like what he gets and I get to pick out something nice for myself. We've been together nearly 5 years - I'd say our system works pretty well!

But forget all that - I've got to start talking about the dress. Like my kitchen print, I adore this style and love it on! I went with my standard Bernie Dexter size and ordered a medium but for my next Kelly, I did size up to a large to see what the difference is. The medium fits but it fits pretty snug.

While I like what that does for my bust (hello, instant cleavage!), it's a squeeze for my waist. When I receive my next Kelly (I splurged on the red Kelly covered in kitties!), I will share how the the large feels compared to the medium.

The print is a bit different than I expected - the orange pallet seemed more coral/pink in pictures I've seen but some colors are just so different under camera lights. Still, I don't mind the orange! The orange, teal, and gray hues in this print are new for me and it's kind of a fun challenge to work with them!

The print also reminds me of being a kid - I used to love art and drew pictures all the time. I wanted to be an artist! I wasn't that great at it but I liked it. The funny thing about me is that my creative energy changes all the time. My love for art moved into writing as I became a teenager, I started singing in high school, then it led to photography in college years and after, and now it's moved into style and this blog!

What can I say? I am a jack of all trades. I like where I am at now - this blog combines my favorite things into one: writing, photography, and style.

Oh and food - does food count as a form of creativity?