Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Donut You Want to Go For a Swim?

As you may recall from my recent Emily and Fin post aboard a train, Cody and I had a weekend getaway in Cape Cod in honor of my recent birthday. While there, I knew one thing had to happen - I had to take blog photos in my new donut bathing suit from ModCloth.

I had been eyeing this bathing suit for the past two months. I already have plenty of bathing suits in preparation for our vacation to Aruba in November but I felt like - as the donut lover I am - I had to have this one.

When it went on sale, I still hesitated, and then during 4th of July, ModCloth offered 20% off sale prices, making the suit only $35! I leapt for it and hoped for the best. The suit arrived and I was ecstatic - the colors of the donuts are even more vibrant in person and it fits me pretty well considering the poor fit reviews on the site. A lot of gals reported it to be very short and not long enough to fit their torso - hooray for me and my short torso! It helped me out here - I can see how a taller girl wouldn't be able to pull it off.

Then, only 1 day before our weekend away, I spotted rafts in the shape of food at the store and immediately purchased one in the shape of a donut, as you do, to pose with at the pool. Why would I ever pass up an opportunity to be completely and totally coordinated?

At first, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pull this off. Our experience at the hotel wasn't going as expected and was kind of a let down from the start. Not only was the outdoor pool PACKED with people when we arrived, we couldn't check in early as I hoped. That was OK, though, it wasn't like we didn't have time the next morning to swim and take photos.

When booking the hotel, we opted for a jacuzzi room with a king sized bed because...fun. When we got to our room, we certainly didn't get what we paid for. The room not only lacked the jacuzzi, it had two double beds. Upon calling the front desk, we were informed that the jacuzzi in our original room had been damaged so they had re-assigned our room. Good to know! We didn't make much of a fuss - we figured we'd just use the jacuzzi located in the indoor pool area. That aside, do you know how small a double bed is? Sleeping was interesting that night, needless to say.

Still, we weren't about to let that ruin our stay! We had a great time on the Cape Cod train and spent the night partying in our room by ourselves, as we do. It was a bummer to NOT be able to do so in our own jacuzzi but ce la vie!

The next day, I made sure we got up early so we could hit the pool before we had to check out at 11am (wasn't hard seeing how uncomfortable the bed was!). I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a cloudy morning and once we had the raft inflated, we headed down to the outdoor pool.

There was no one there! NOT ONE SOUL!

Well, Cody and I took advantage of the entire area and made it our own private studio. It was so fun posing with the raft and pretending to be this poolside bombshell (even though I am hardly anywhere near that status!).

Once I knew he got enough for this post of awesomeness, we decided to check out the indoor pool and have a soak in the jacuzzi before changing and checking out. Only...we got into the indoor pool and THERE WAS NO JACUZZI!

Figures, right?

There were signs where the jacuzzi may have been depicting rules but alas, the jacuzzi was no more.

CLEARLY jacuzzi-ing it up was NOT in the plans for us that weekend. It was comical, really.

Whatever! We didn't need it. Instead, we swam for awhile before showering, changing, packing up, and heading out. Before we left Hyannis, we stopped for drinks and lobster rolls for lunch.

Jacuzzi fails aside, the weekend was amazing - not only did we eat so much good food, I got to wear some and float around the pool in some as well!