Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All Aboard! Dinner & a Train Ride in Emily & Fin

I spent way more time than the average person does deciding what to wear for my birthday dinner aboard a train in the ever famous summer destination of Cape Cod, MA this past weekend. Luckily, once again, the Modcloth BST group on Facebook came to my rescue and I scored this precious Emily & Fin dress just a few days before our weekend away.

With it's light, flowy, breezy, 40s feel, it is the perfect outfit to wear for the tour of the shore!

I knew I needed some shots by the train so I bribed my oh-so-willing boyfriend, Cody, to snap a few when we had a moment. Dare I say this outfit is THE perfect fit?

After taking pictures galore, we noticed the conductor was telling everyone to stay on the other side of a row of benches about 4 feet from the train - I thought it was nice he let us do our thing way over the boundary (oops!) before enforcing the rules...perhaps he appreciates style blogs?!

I also recently scored this lovely and sparkly vintage clutch from a gal on the Facebook boards and knew I had to use it for our evening out. It makes it so much easier to bring along a small clutch or purse to things like this, you know? And I thought it matched my gold accessories perfectly.

Not counting the shoes and belt, this entire outfit is second hand or vintage and I love that!

I always love and enjoy what I call "experience gifts" over actual gifts. Sure, Cody could go shopping and bring back a beautifully wrapped package but what can beat a little getaway? I heard about the train tour online before but after talking to one of my managers about it, she informed me of the dinner option and my birthday getaway fell into place from there.

Umm dinner aboard a classic mode of transportation? Yes please! Funny enough, last year Cody took me on a Boston dinner cruise...I see a pattern here...

Essentially, it was a 3 hour train ride total along the Cape Cod coast and we got to dine in the dinner car for our tour! Without the dinner element, I imagine the train ride would have been a bit long but luckily, we had good company!

We lucked out and were seated with a retired couple who were easy to talk to and had a great sense of humor about how times have changed (Cody was teaching the husband, Tim, all about Pokemon Go at one point). I was impressed with the entire experience - we had soup, salad, our  main entrees, and a slice of lemon tart for dessert (my favorite part!).

Afterward, we spent the night in a hotel nearby, throwing what we typically call "our party for two" which always consists of getting tipsy off nips and vending machine sodas and snacks.

We've started this tradition these past few years - whenever we stay overnight somewhere for any reason, we party on our own in our hotel room and it's lame and so corny but we prefer it. Why go out to bars to drink when you can sit around in your pajamas and watch bad TV while you drink?

Overall, it was just what I wanted for my birthday - a silly, fun, and quirky night away with Cody.