Thursday, June 16, 2016

ModCloth's Made For Each Other Dress in Brushstrokes

Holy Moses, did you participate in ModCloth's big Memorial Day sale a few weeks back? If I remember correctly, they had a super 40% off sale and also offered a 20% coupon on top of that. I had a store credit burning a hole in my pocket so needless to say, I did some shopping.

I snagged another Paris cardigan while it was discounted (I went with coral and already own the blue version - I am considering snagging the version in mint just to widen my options next winter), a new pair of high-waisted shorts, some cute flats, and BAM - this dress!

After my store credit was applied, I paid a whopping $9.38. Now THAT's a good haul!

I am surprised I haven't seen more of this dress among my fellow fashionistas - it is totally up their alley with its bright colors, cute little sleeves, and POCKETS. I do wish the skirt was a bit more full but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

It will make a good dress to pull on when I just don't feel like trying too hard or for days when I go to the gym after work (I tend to not wear a petticoat on gym days - they don't fit in my gym bag!).

I love that the colors are a big mess of brushstrokes. It's such a fun print and with all these colors, I can style it quite a few different ways! It was tough to decide what to wear with it for this post but I knew these shoes would be a perfect match. When it came to accessories, I knew I just wanted to pair it with a bright brooch. It was actually difficult deciding which one to wear but I knew I had to share this one with you ASAP so that was what I went with.

So, this brooch. A couple weeks ago I was bored after work and started looking through eBay for vintage brooches (as one does). When I do this, I usually find one or two to bid on and either snag a goodie or loose a goodie. It's fun - but also dangerous if I go bid crazy!

Well, this ended up being one of those times where I got bid crazy. I found a seller who had a handful of brooches like this one up for auction - all of them were big, metal, and were all different colors and patterns! I swear my heart began to race. I also had just won an auction on a 4 pack of Goosebumps "Choose Your Own Scare" books but that's a story for another time (All right so Cody and I MIGHT read these to each other before bed, WE MIGHT, OK? SO WHAT IF WE DO??).

According to their eBay, they were found in a big box in an old warehouse - clearly one that used to be a jewelry manufacturer or something.

I quickly bid on a handful - this one, another green/yellow one, a purple one, and a pink/blue patterned one. I lost the auction on the pink/blue one but scored the other three!


It's so cool that people find these treasures. I wonder what these brooches have seen, what their story is, who made them, and who wore them back then. Does anyone else fantasize about vintage pieces? Maybe it's me.

And with that, I leave you with a fun little blooper. The wind started blowing just as I hit the button on my remote and, well, I got this:

Easy, breezy, beautiful...NOT!