Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Green Shirt Dress from Little Ghost Vintage

Sorry for the single post last week - I was down in Austin, TX for yet another show and knew it would just be wise to only post once. Yeah, I knew my little breather after my crazy April/May was going to be short-lived. You blink and I am back on a plane!

I had never been to Texas before - or anywhere South besides Florida when I was little - and it was pretty darn exciting to head that way for a change (I am so over Vegas) and see somewhere brand spankin' new! Although, it felt an awful lot like Vegas with the dry heat and crazy bar scenes at night - just no casinos full of smoke!

Still, we had quite the adventures after the show closed each day - including walking 30 minutes for some kickass tacos, eating way too many Voodoo Doughnuts, and watching thousands of bats fly out from under the bridge at sundown - it was quite fun!

Today, I am excited to share one of my vintage finds from my visit to the Brimfield Show a few weeks back (holy Moses, it was nearly a month ago now!). Clearly, I hit the vintage jackpot as I am still sharing items purchased there. I still have more, too!

This dress I snagged from a vintage shop called Little Ghost Vintage. I met the gals in charge of this shop at Brimfield last year (and maybe even the year before that!) and was so excited to see them at Brimfield once again. They're the sweetest gals and always have fair prices.

For $25 bucks, this little green cotton shirt dress is a dream. Though it's baggy in the chest (with my waist being 29"-30", having room in the chest is the norm for me and vintage as they usually measure 38" and my bust is only 36"), it's adorable on and will be a staple for summer.

It pulls on easy, is light and breezy, and is so simple to accessorize. I'll take it once the heat starts creeping in on us!

It's funny to type about summer and heat when the backdrop of my photos just keep looking like fall. Notice that? I think I know why. My landlord hired young boys to be his landscapers early last year instead of a reputable company to mow the lawn, rake leaves, and the like. I don't know why, really - maybe he wanted to give these boys some support in their blooming lawn care business like a good samaritan or something - but either way, our "landscapers" are 2 middle school boys.

Need I go on? Well, clearly no one has really showed them the proper way of removing leaves. Every time they have come up to rake and clear the leaves in the fall, they drag them all on a tarp up into our woods (that you see behind me). Yeah, there's not much woods to speak of.

So...see that waterfall of leaves behind me? I feel like that is all the leaves they have "removed" since last summer, creeping their way back into our lawn because, well, you can't just put leaves JUST out of a yard and hope they stay there. Something tells me that is not how you do it, but I am no expert.


I 'd prefer actual adult experts, (you know, that have gone through puberty at least) but I digress...

Lawn frustration aside, I plan to pull this dress on whenever it gets too hot to care what I have on my body. I know it will keep me cool while looking cute!