Tuesday, June 28, 2016

For the Birds: 1950s Glam

This post is about a dress that almost wasn't. GASP!

A few weeks ago, my gal Kara over at The Dressed Aesthetic featured online vintage repro shop, 1950s Glam, on her blog and offered a promo code on top of looking absolutely lovely in a dress she received from them.

Whenever I hear of a new brand from a fellow blogger, I usually go check it out. I didn't anticipate wanting to purchase anything but when I saw this dress covered in birds, I decided to give 1950s Glam a try. I took advantage of the generous 20% off code Kara offered and ordered it.

At first I didn't know if I should - it's a bit different for me with its neutral brown and navy tones  - but I just adored the little birds and style of the dress. With 20% off, I figured why the heck not?

A couple days after ordering, I received an email from Isabella at 1950s Glam informing me that they were sadly sold out of the bird dress in my size and that the website had medium listed in error.

WELL, THAT'S JUST GREAT! I thought as I read her email, fully expecting the rest of her note to be just an apology and a notice that I'd be getting a refund, BLAH BLAH BLAH!

To my surprise, I was wrong! Instead, Isabella offered me a choice. She said she was happy to give me a refund but she also offered to have the dress made for me.


You read that right! Instead of fixing the error with a refund or a future discount code and forgetting all about little old me, Isabella went above and beyond and offered to have one made for me in my size - for no additional cost! It would just delay my order by a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks was no big deal to me (especially since I would be traveling to Austin for one of them), so that is what I did! Sure, it's not the only bird dress out there, but it kind of feels special knowing they made this one extra dress just for me.

I think this story says a lot about this company's mission and appreciation for their customers. How many times have you ordered something somewhere only to be told after it was over sold and there weren't any left? It's so frustrating!

1950s Glam could have just issued me a refund like most other companies and been on their merry way, but instead, they did something companies don't do and made an extra dress to fill that one order as promised.

It's offers and service such as Isabella's that make me want to go back and shop with 1950s Glam again - how companies treat their customers says a LOT about them. Often, it's the customer service experiences I have with shops that lean me one way or another with a company. It really can sway your decision to come back.

So great work, 1950s Glam, and thank you so much, Isabella! I love my bird dress! It fits perfectly (she even double-checked the measurements of a medium with me in case I wanted to change them to suit my size!) and I really appreciate that extra step you took to make me a happy (and most likely returning) customer. Because of 1950s Glam's awesome customer service, this dress buying experience was certainly NOT for the birds!

Here are some LOVELY bloopers for you - me angry at the wind at my sister's apartment. She's so nice and keeps snapping pics at these moments...