Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Throwback 80's Special: Tegan & Sara "U-Turn" Inspired Outfit

I thought it was time for something a bit different on the blog - it's time for a totally 80's throwback post!

Here's a little unknown fact about me: in high school, I was all about the 80's. I know today I am a retro housewife with a modern pinup twist, but back in my teens, I just wanted to be Pat Benatar and Bruce Springsteen's spawn. I loved fishnets, big dangly earrings, brightly colored tights, torn denim, boots, Converse, hounds tooth, and all kinds of clashing patterns. I even wore finger less gloves and rocked some colorful hats! Oh if only I could find you some pictures...

Oh did I mention I'd buzz my hair down to stubble every summer and rock a faux-hawk once school started? I used to want to shave my head but my mother wouldn't allow it. She used to let me go as short as I wanted, as long as there was hair on my head. I also used hair gel that was red as it grew back in.

Yeah, I kinda struggled with whether or not I wanted to be an 80's chick or a punk chick. But when your favorite bands are Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, and Simple Plan, you're not very hardcore. Yeaaahhh...teen angst.

Anyway, two things happened recently that made me want to embrace my love for the 80's once more. The first is that I saw Tegan & Sara's new video for their new song "U-Turn" and the high school version of me squealed with delight.

Have you heard their new stuff? It's so retro and has such an 80's vibe. The video for "U-Turn" is so great - it's got the colors, the paper scenes, the awful dancing, and the awesome eye makeup! I am really digging their vibe lately and can't wait to see them in concert this fall (they're coming to Boston on Halloween - how fun will that be??). Their new album comes out this June, too!

The second thing that happened was finding these awesome 80's-esque Vince Camuto pants at the Brimfield Show a couple weeks back, the epically big vintage and flea market that happens 3 times a year in my area. I spotted them and 16 year old Sara purchased them with glee. They're just SO funky and SO 80's and if I had these in high school...oh man, the places we would go!

Upon further research, I don't know if these are actually vintage or if they're sort of recent since you can find these easily on Google along with the rest of his "Two" line and he appears to still have clothes in department stores, but hey, I snagged them for a steal regardless of when they were made and they look awesomely retro so that is all that matters!

At the end of the long (and hot) but successful day, I went home singing "U-Turn" while cooking up this post in my head: it was totally time for an 80's throwback special on the blog!

So I channeled my inner Hannah (The Outfit Repeater) and got to styling, which was super easy despite all my 50's style clothes.

I guess once an 80's chick, always an 80's chick.

I hope you have fun watching Tegan & Sara's video above and reading this post. Even though I prefer petticoats to leg warmers and victory rolls to spikes these days, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the awesome 80's!


  1. Oh, my gosh. I went through my teen years pretending to be a punk chick. Lol. But, in my case it never truly fit who I was and it took me into my 20's to identify my edgy style and learn how to incorporate into my girly ways. And I am loving how you incorporated this with your style today!

    We definitely need to swap pictures of our growing pains!


  2. Oh wow - look at you rocking those trousers!! You look amazing! You could easily pull off this style too. I prefer the 50's dresses and petticoats, but that's just because it's my personal style too. I don't know but the 80's always seemed like such a weird period in style for me. Like they didn't really know what to do so they went all over the place. I much prefer this classy 80's look you've got going on here!
    Anyway, you look awesome!
    Hope you are having a nice week!
    Much love,

    Ps. Where is the bracelet from? It's so cute.

    1. Hi Mona!! My bracelet is from an Etsy shop called Sucre Sucre Miniatures - she makes the cutest charms!!!

  3. What a fun look! I love that you're showing off a different side of yourself. Also, Tegan and Sara are awesome, so you really can't beat that for inspiration.

  4. This is, like, so totally fabulous! :D (Sorry, couldn't resist a little Valley Speak in honour of your fab 80s throwback.)

    You know, I genuinely love eighties fashion. Yes, some of it was better than others, but really, isn't that true of each decade's style scene as a whole? I was born in this decade and will always have a massive soft spot in my heart for it, and its fashion, thanks to such.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Omg I hadn't realised there was a new Tegan & Sara coming - but an 80s-inspired one?! Now you're talking! My boyfriend's going to be SO pleased - one of our mutual favourites.

    Anyway, I saw this outfit come up in my Instagram feed and I really loved it. I've never seen you in something like this before, but it really suits you! How amazing you used to have such crazy hair - it's funny what we did in your youth, isn't it... I was never seen in any colour bar black for a certain time :D

    1. AH!! Yes! June 3rd! They have totally evolved from their "So Jealous" and "If I Was You" days. Some hate it because they have seemed to become more "mainstream" but I still love them and really like their evolution as a band! Now they're so totally retro! ;)

  6. How can you tease us like that?!? It's totally not fair for you to talk about how you looked/dressed growing up and not share pictures. I INSIST you find some and get on that :)

    These pants are awesome and I love how you styled them for this post. You can clearly pull off a variety of styles!