Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tatyana Strawberry Pie Skirt

Ahoy from my parents' backyard! I wore this outfit back home for Mother's Day and forced my sister, Emma, to snap some pictures for me in the damp grass. She was in flip flops. Ah well, it's the price you gotta pay sometimes! She dealt with it and managed to snap some good ones so all is well!

I love wearing full-on Sara outfits back home. Believe it or not, my family doesn't see me in my outfits as often as you'd think! They live about 45 minutes to an hour from me (depending on traffic) so I don't see them as often as I do my co-workers or friends.

My parents are also not tech savvy so they don't see this blog, my Instagram, or Facebook! They get to see me in all my glory on holidays, birthdays, and various visits - which I sometimes tend to be casual for!

Anyway, I have fun picking a really good outfit when I am home for holidays and events and I didn't hesitate to pick this strawberry skirt I bought at Tatyana when I was in Las Vegas last week along with my LindyBop top and BAIT Footwear red Ione's. I then laughed (a bit maniacally) as my mother and Bubbie (grandmother) flipped out over the strawberry trifecta of my skirt, brooch, and earrings. In my Bubbie's words, "Oh I am simply kvelling, I can't stand it."

I got all my outfit coordination skills and style from my Bubbie so it's a treat and a big deal when she admires what I am in! Not that she's a snob about it or anything, it just really makes me happy when she gets a kick out of my outfit.

As for this skirt, I fell in love three times with this print. I first spotted it on the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches blog as a playsuit from Collectif last summer. Then I spotted Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette in a dress version soon after (believably also Collectif)! I didn't snagged the dress in time and playsuits just don't suit my body type so it was all very "the one that got away" for me. Then I spotted Tatyana teasing this skirt before my Vegas trip and knew it was my chance to have it for my own!

I always have such fun playing at the Tatyana Boutique in Planet Hollywood. This time, it was one of my first stops! Literally. Cody and I landed Saturday, April 30th, and had time to kill before his buddies landed so we wandered together and did some shopping. We went to Planet Hollywood, found us some way too realistic food magnets in a souvenir shop, and then he went off to find a drink while I shopped in Tatyana.

I purchased this skirt, a boomerang covered halter dress for our date night in Vegas (on which I tried escargot for the first time and LOVED it!), and a bathing suit (we have a trip to Aruba planned this fall so I need to stock up on suits as I plan to spend most days at the pool or beach doing absolutely nothing!).

I love getting to shop at Tatyana when I visit Vegas because I get to actually try things on for a change! There were a couple things I was excited to try on that ended up not looking too great on me I am so glad I waited and didn't order too much online during their recent sale!

Only when someone else takes my pictures do I find pure gems like this one - you're welcome. 

All my rambling aside, here's what you need to know about this skirt: though it's a smidge longer than I typically prefer (exact measurement is not online but it's a couple inches longer than my 26" petticoat if that gives you a good idea), it's extremely well made. It's lined, has a beautiful metal zipper in back with a button enclosure, and is super comfortable. The medium fits my 29.5" waist perfectly and there's a teeny tiny bit of stretch to the material. All in all, my favorite Vegas score (besides my handsome date for the week, of course)!