Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rainy Day Skirt from Tatyana

Well, gee whiz, see you later, May! It was nice knowing you - for the whole 2 seconds it feels like we had you here. MAN! Maybe it's because of my epic travel schedule of April and May, but is anyone else freaking out over how quick 2016 has passed so far?

Tomorrow is June, for crying out loud! What is THAT about?

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely long Memorial Day weekend. Cody and I sure did. After the excitement and travel of last weekend for my gal pal's wedding in NY, it felt good to have a 3 day weekend to chillax right after.

And chillax, we did! Besides spending Sunday at my parents' house for a Memorial Day cookout (and Margarita marathon - we got my father a margarita maker for father's day years ago and he uses this thing for every cookout, handing Cody bottomless 'ritas all day long...it's hilarious!), I didn't do much. I did get some blogs photographed and scheduled ahead for the week I am in Austin (the work travel never ends!). Oh! And I did some shopping, which I must tell you about.

Have you guys been to slash heard of Charming Charlie? There are a few in my area and I have heard good things but only just went into one this weekend and was in heaven! The store is an accessories store organized by color so each section is filled with accessories and jewelry of that color! I was a bit overwhelmed but as an organized freak, it was a truly satisfying experience since my goal when I went in was to find jewelry in a particular color. The necklace I got, the one you see here, was for an upcoming blog post but when I put this outfit together this weekend, I noticed it matched perfectly for this outfit as well! So you'll see this adorable statement necklace again real soon.

OK but enough about my new favorite store - and more about this skirt!! Sigh. This skirt from Tatyana was on my wishlist since they first teased it on their Instagram ages ago. It may have actually only been a few months ago but anything before my epic travel schedule of April feels like forever.

I had hoped it would be available when I was IN Vegas and shopping at Tatyana in person but it wasn't quite released yet. Bummer! It was no biggie, though, as it was released just a couple weeks ago - therefore immediately placed into my shopping cart and purchased. One reason I do wish it had been out when I was in Vegas is because then I could have tried it on. I ordered a medium and it's surprisingly big! I don't know if I could fit into a small but it surprised me to find the medium loose! I measured it out of pure curiosity since Tatyana size charts always say a medium fits a 28" waist and sure enough, the waist definitely measures at 30"! For reference, my waist is 29". So if you're in-between, I'd recommend sizing down.

I don't typically go for pastel colors, let alone pastel pink, but I just couldn't pass up such a unique and adorable print! The adorable button enclosure in back is such a dainty and pretty touch.

At first glance online, I thought it was just a unique umbrella print. Upon closer look, it's actually as if we are looking down on a busy street - the umbrellas aren't just umbrellas! There are people beneath them, walking to and fro!

Now, that detail is subtle, but you can just make out little feet as the shoppers move about their day!

I say shoppers as if I know they are ladies shopping beneath their colorful umbrellas. I don't but I just assume that is what they are doing. With such lovely pattern umbrellas above their heads, I imagine the skirt is covered in highly fashionable ladies moving about a promenade, window shopping and splurging on lovely new things.

What better way to brighten a rainy day?

I am very excited to wear this skirt multiple ways as well. I paired one of my reliable pinup tops with the skirt for Memorial Day as it finally got warm enough for some summer style (oh man, the heat hit us HARD over the weekend with a humid and sunny 90 degree F Saturday) but I can also see pairing this with a red, purple, aqua, yellow, or purple top! That's what I love the most about a colorful skirt like this - the styling possibilities are endless!