Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pinup Girl Clothing Maria Dress & the New Purple Robbie BAITs!

Do you believe in fate? As in, things happening for a reason? Coincidences don't exist and all that jazz?

I certainly do - and I have a story to prove it to you, my friends!

See this Pinup Girl Clothing Maria dress? Good.

See these new sparkly purple Robbie BAIT shoes? Double good.

They were meant to be. MEANT TO BE, I TELL YOU!

Well, pull up a chair, my children, and listen to my story.

BAIT Footwear started teasing us about their upcoming new purple additions early this year on social media. I drooled over the Ione's and Ida's like I usually do and waited anxiously to get one of them in the new bold purple shade. I love the Ione and Ida styles - I have multiple of each at this point and know they're comfy and adorable. It's become my reliable go-to BAIT style.

But recently, I started to have a crush on the Robbie. With it's cute 2-inch heel and strappy ankle buckle, it's a retro girl's dream. At first, when they released the red Robbie, I was intrigued but have so many red shoes, I stayed away. And then, it happened. They released new ones in red, green, and purple - covered in GLITTER!


The red sparkly ones obviously caught my eye but I since I have red sparkly Converse I knew I had to refrain from the red. But the purple ones...oh they were LOVELY!

But wait, I had my eye on the purple Ione's! There was comfort in wanting to opt for the familiar but the Robbie's were new and exciting - should I go for something different?

I couldn't decide (I am such a creature of habit) so I added both the Ione's and Robbie's to my shopping cart and left it alone. I'd figure it out later...or perhaps the shoes could work it out among themselves.

Let's fast forward to a few days later when this Maria dress popped up in the PUG Swap & Sell group on Facebook. I have always wanted the Maria dress. Both the purple and blue colorway tickled my fancy. I also liked the long sleeve version but I always held off, as PUG sizing doesn't work so well for me and the long sleeves made me nervous (hello chubby upper arms, let's NOT risk making you feel like sausages in their casings!). When I saw it pop up in the Facebook group for a great price, though, I figured it was worth a shot!

I am so glad I went for it - I love the style and fit of the Maria dress (although, I do admit I did take about an inch of the shoulders in with a few rough stitches - yay for having a short torso!). The sash is pinned perfectly and is very flattering on the waist. I wore it to one of my girlfriends' wedding in New York this past weekend (3 hour road trip, what whaaaaat?) and the super full skirt made it extremely fun to twirl in on the dance floor. It also matched my petticoat like a dream. you see the connection yet, my little chickens?

Oh yes, when I tried on the Maria dress, freshly plucked from my mailbox, a shoe shaped light bulb went off in my head. THE PURPLE GLITTER ROBBIE'S!! It was a match made in heaven!

I rushed to my computer (I may have still had the dress on) and made my decision - sorry, little Ione's, you're so great to me but it was time to try something new! I ordered the Robbie's and anxiously waited for them to arrive so I could pair them with my new-to-me Maria dress.

Oh it worked out PERFECTLY and I couldn't imagine wearing any other shoes with this dress.


I do believe this tale is an example of pure retro fate. What else could it possibly be?