Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feelin' Like Spring: Hearts & Roses

And just like that, ladies and gents, it's May. Happy May, everyone! May the Spring weather begin! Yeah, sure, it's been "Spring" for a couple months now but that's just according to the calendar. New England is a bit delayed. Spring has only just started here.

Actually, it hardly seems like it's Spring with days still hitting as low as 40 degrees F. But hey, I mean, someday soon it will start to look, feel, and smell like Spring, right?

I picked up this adorable Hearts & Roses sundress at Viva and I know it will be a good summer dress once it gets hot. It slides on easily, zips on the side, and the adorable way the straps meet in back just makes my heart melt.

Plus, look at these colors! I love them. I can pair quite a few accessories with this one and I love how it almost looks like smears of paint.

My one caveat is that the fabric that covers the side zipper is a bit wider than other dresses and it kind of sticks out, making my side look a tad bit wider and also adding a funny "roll" when I lean the right way. Well, gee. Oh well, at least the zipper is a heavy and chunky plastic and zips with ease.

You all know how I feel about zippers...

This will be my one post this week due to being in Vegas (once again) for EMC World. If you haven't noticed, I've started to only post once during work trips. No real reason behind it, really, other than it just being easier.

Keeping up with two posts and making sure they're promoted the way I want them to is difficult during the weeks I am away so I only planned 1 post for these weeks to keep it easier for myself. I didn't want to take a full hiatus so having a single post just seemed to make sense.

Lucky for me, this is my last trip for a little while.  I have a few weeks to relax an catch my breath - but I can't rest too much. I am off to Austin, TX in early June.  It never stops!

It's exciting, though, getting to see all of these places. I've never been to Texas so I am looking forward to the days I get to be there in June.

I am, however, looking forward to at least a few days off!