Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bernie Dexter BBQ Skirt in The Las Vegas Neon Boneyard

BOOM! With that, my whirlwind of shows and travel has come to and end...until June, anyway! Until then, I am staying put at home and definitely getting some R&R. In fact, starting tomorrow, I have a few days off to visit The Brimfield Show and do a whole lot of nothing.

Before I dive too deep into some time off, though, I have this incredibly awesome post to share! While in Vegas last week for EMC World, my company's annual user conference, I got to have a little fun before heading home. Cody, along with our buddies, Andrew and Dennis, were with me last week as usual (they get a vacation out of my work trip! No fair!) and we traditionally stay 1 day longer than my work trip so that we can have fun together and do some awesome stuff like have a fancy dinner and see some type of show.

This year we outdid ourselves with our day of fun (well, my day of fun - they have plenty of fun during the 3 days I am working!): we ate dinner at The Top of the World on top of the Stratosphere and then saw Pinup, a burlesque show, which gave the guys some scantily clad beauties to gawk at while I nearly died over all their retro glory.

The show was amazing - the pinup gals were adorable in all their retro outfits for every month of the year - I especially loved the vignette that showed them in their overalls while they worked in the factories during the war - the overalls ripped off easily, of course.

It was quite the evening affair, but before that, on Thursday afternoon, I booked us a tour through the Neon Boneyard at the Neon Museum.

I discovered this museum filled with old Las Vegas signs in one of the Facebook groups I am a part of and wondered why on Earth I hadn't heard about it until now! I mean, I'm in Vegas twice a year. You'd think something this awesome would come up!

Anyway, I am so glad I learned of this before we left for this trip because you definitely have to book your tour in advance. All of the evening tours were sold out (can you imagine this place at night? They have restored 9 of the old signs so that they can be lit up at night) but I didn't mind - going in the day meant I could bribe Cody to snap some blog photos for me!

Have I ever told you Cody's rules for snapping photos for me? He's awful! Whenever we go anywhere, if I need him to be play photographer for me (as opposed to using my tripod and remote as I do at home), he gives me a photo limit! I'm not kidding! He will count how many he takes and warn me when I'm running out of allotted photos.  He's semi-sarcastic but I've never exceeded my limit to find out how serious his warnings are.

This time, he didn't mention the limit so I didn't say a thing - I wanted to pose in front of everything we saw!

It was a bit nerve-wracking at first because we were a part of a big tour group and others were definitely noticing little ol' me, posing away as they snapped their own tourist-y pics, but meh, whatever, I got over it. If you haven't noticed, I have no shame.

Besides, it's Vegas! If a girl in a Bernie Dexter skirt and Doll Me Up pinup top is the most interesting/bizarre thing you see all day, you're doing Vegas very wrong!!