Thursday, April 14, 2016

Vintage Modern Millie Dress for Date Night

So if you read my last post, there's a lot going on this month. One of the more fun related things happened last weekend. Cody and I got to see one of our favorite bands, Cloud Cult in concert! They're one of "our" bands that we like as a couple. I don't know how it happened that way, but they've become our band. Cody discovered them first, started playing them while we cooked or drove somewhere, and the rest is history.

Perhaps we discovered them during a sweet spot in our relationship, but hearing them always reminds me of Cody and what we share together, especially their song "Meet Me Where You're Going." We never really were that kind of couple to have "a song," but if we had to pick one, I think this one would be it. I blush and get all giddy when it comes on and it's STILL on my phone after downloading it over 2 years ago.

We've seen Cloud Cult once before and loved them live so it was a lot of fun seeing them again. There are 6 members of the band (or more!) and they play so many instruments live. There's always a cellist, violinist, french horn player, and more on stage. There are even two artists, painting on the sides of the stage as they perform! The canvases spun around while they painted, too! It was crazy cool!

I wanted to be comfortable - but also adorable, hello! - so I immediately reached for this precious vintage dress I snagged from a little shop called Modern Millie. It's actually sort of local to me, located in Salem, MA, and they sell retro reproduction lines as well as true vintage. I haven't gotten a chance to visit in person yet but I follow them on Instagram and snagged this during a small virtual sale they held on Insta.

I just love the colors of this dress - the purples and pinks are so bright and girly! I love it. The sleeves are to die for as well and the buttons! Oh I could go on...

The awesomely pink brooch is from an Etsy shop, Dottie DeLite Jewelry. I actually follow shop owner, Miss Dottie Demure, on Instagram and never knew she had a jewelry shop! Then she posted about a sale she was running and I immediately checked it out.  Obviously, as I am a big supporter of my Insta and blogger pals projects and ventures, I purchased two of her awesome brooches. They're so colorful, sparkly, and perfect!

That's right - front row for us! Right against the stage! Fun fact - the cellist was barefoot =)

Cody and I had such a great Saturday night out in Boston - it was definitely needed with all the stress I've been feeling at work lately. I am so excited to have next week's show out of the way. It's definitely our largest one so getting it accomplished will feel SO good - although, I will say it's going to be nice to be able to stop by Viva when I'm there. I arrive on the last few days so I plan to stop by the vendors for a little while before I have to do too much work. I am also planning to meet up with a bunch of girls from blogging and Instagram while there. It'll be quite the trip!

If you think I'll have time to rest after that, you're wrong. I fly back out to Vegas only 7 days after my return but such is life when you're an event coordinator!


  1. This dress is soooo cute. And it feel like it's very "you"!
    I'm going to check out modern millie now. haha
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful lady. Hang in there, half of April is gone!
    Much love,

  2. Ahhhh Cloud Cult is one of my husband and my all time favorite bands too! They're album Feel Good Ghosts is one of my all time favorites. I was always so moved that they took such a tragic happening in their lives and found a way to channel their grief into music. So inspiring. And YAY for Modern Millie! That's a favorite of mine to visit whenever I go home.You look stunning and I love the pink wedges. =)


  3. The colors of that dress are gorgeous. That's the type of dress that you can do anything with!

  4. What an incredible dress and the perfect dress to wear out! The pattern is gorgeous! That band sounds wonderful! I love that they play so many instruments too. How lovely that the band means so much to the two of you as a couple, that makes them that much more special!


  5. Awesome dress and brooch. There are few things when it comes to patterned fabrics that I love more than a classic dark (background) floral like this. Le swoon! :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica