Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In the Kitchen Bernie Dexter Dress & Dorothy Designs Flower Brooches

I, along with many of my fellow retro loving gal pals, have been flipping out over the new Bernie Dexter dresses. She released a few new styles and a handful of adorable new prints and I've been drooling - from afar, that is!

I try to score Bernie's on her eBay, off BST groups, or during a sale. I just can't always justify paying $150 for a dress. Recently, though, Bernie ran a promo fro 25% off so I decided to indulge and snag one of her new pretties.

I didn't even hesitate when I selected the Kelly dress in the kitchen print. I mean, is there any question as to why I would? Covered in retro stoves, mixers, and tea kettles, it's a dream dress come true!

It helps that my Kitchen Aid, Ruby, is red and matches the ones in this dress.

And before we go any farther, yes, I did name my mixer. I tend to name my valuables. Go ahead, ask me what I named my car and my camera.

Betty the Juke and Natalie the Nikon.

I'm not kidding.

But back to this dress!! It has everything I always love in a Bernie - it's well made, super soft, has pockets, and fits like a dream! This style even has a zipper in FRONT! I know! I prefer it to buttons in front - no worries about pulling or gaping with a zipper!

I also want to call attention to my adorable red and white polka dot brooch! I discovered Dorothy Designs on Instagram one night and fell in love with her handmade fabric brooches. She makes her flower brooches in all colors and patterns by hand and my experience ordering from her couldn't have been smoother. I had to have this red one to wear with my new Bernie and also snagged a yellow one.

If you like to shop small and support artists - go check out Dorothy's shop! She has so many colors and styles to pick from. It was so hard to narrow down the ones I wanted - I just wanted them all!

Are you a big Bernie fan? Have you ordered any of the new styles? What did you get? I am eyeing the paint pallet one next - so colorful and so fun!