Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ice Cream, You Scream... (Bernie Dexter Sundae Dress)

I know I am very late to the sundae dress club but I only just recently snagged the Bernie that Got Away and had to include it on the bog. How could I not?

Originally, I lusted after the Sundae Rose dress that has this print in the skirt with red fabric on the top. I could never find it in my size so I fixed that hole in my life by buying the same fabric as a handmade skirt, which I often pair with a red top to elude to that Bernie I never could get.

The skirt has been fun to have - because its not a dress, I can style it in many ways. Still, I daydreamed about someday getting the real thing - the real Bernie dress.

Then it happened - I was browsing Bernie's eBay store and KABAM! There it was in all its glory! The sundae dress in my size! I no longer wanted the version with the red top since my skirt did just fine paired with a red top. So now my heart went pitter-pat for this beauty.

I didn't hesitate and snagged it - for a whopping $55! Man, do I love eBay!

It arrived only a few days later and I couldn't wait to try it on. Then we got some snow. So it just hung there on my dressing room door, looking oh so lovely, waiting for the day I could whirl and twirl in it.

Well, then it got warm - strangely warm - so I took advantage and snapped some blog photos in the seemingly spring weather.

Of course, it pairs PERFECTLY with my latest pair of BAITs, a Christmas gift from Cody this year (I know, isn't he great?), bright red lips, and a few die cut prints of ice cream sundaes.

I love how this cut fits - it's a snug fit but not in a bad way at all. In fact, I'm quite smitten with the va-va-voom factor it gives me. Cleavage? What!? That's a concept I am unfamiliar with!

Needless to say, the dress received praise from the panel of judges (aka Cody) and I am super in love with it. While I will still wear it now under a cardigan and over a pair of tights, I can't wait to be able to wear it all on its own.

I think I found my favorite summer dress-to-be!

This...I just had to share due to it's ridiculous-ness. You're welcome.