Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day: Lady V London's Green Poppy Dress

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am not Irish at all (nowhere close - unless you consider the fact that the Jews were the ones who provided the Irish with the corned beef to go with their cabbage and potatoes back in the day...) but when I got this dress in the mail from Lady V London a couple months back during one of their sales, it reminded me of St. Paddy's and I knew I had to share to celebrate!

I am starting to really love Lady V London. I've featured two of their dresses already on the blog and have really been impressed with their quality.

All of my dresses are well made, have super cute details, and are all a little different. I like that Lady V London has various styles of their prints on their site - I love choosing which cut I like better!

Lady V London also has pretty reasonable prices and has sales pretty regularly. Their shipping is also pretty quick considering they are in Europe and that is always a plus for me!

I don't have a ton of green in my closet but I am glad to add this one to my collection. I love the bright green poppies and how they pop. I also can't get over the cute little sleeves! It's all in the details!

Side note, time for some real talk. Do any of my bellow style bloggers struggle with photographing their outfits for their blogs? I feel like when I do it, it's a constant struggle for me - whether it's my wireless remote shutter that won't take a picture unless it's directed just so at the sensor (it's the bane of my existence!) or it's the weather (can't every day just be slightly overcast) or it's finding a good spot that isn't getting redundant (I have a few spots on my property but get so bored of them and they all look ugly right now since everything is dead). Ahh! It gives me such anxiety whenever I have a post to photograph for. Hopefully I am not alone on this!

OK, venting over.  Back to St. Paddy's.

Do I have any Irish readers? Do you do anything special for St. Patrick's Day?

I do love me some corned beef and cabbage. Of course it's the food that's my favorite part of the holiday - what else is new?