Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's Sara Reading? February Edition

Well, howdy! Welcome to this month's edition of "What's Sara Reading?"! What have my fellow bookworms been reading lately? Anything good? I always like to hear what's on my friends' reading list. I also like to share my reads with my friends!

Speaking of, that is probably my ONE caveat with having a Kindle now. I read good books and want to pass them on to my friends! I find myself telling friends about books they should read only to feel like an ass when I can't offer them my copy to read!

"Oh man, you gotta check this book out! It's so up your alley! Oh, can you borrow my copy? Gee, I'd let you borrow it but...I literally can't." Shrug.


I keep hearing there's a way you actually can lend out books digitally on a Kindle if your friends also have Amazon accounts. I really need to look into that. Maybe then I won't come off as such a jerk about the books I think my friends should read.

"You want to borrow my book? Well SURE! It's coming right at ya - digitally!"

So much better!

Wildflower by Drew Barrymore
I hoped I'd like Wildflower and luckily I did like it! I liked it very much! I get excited when female celebrities write memoirs, which is funny since a lot of the time a female celebrity writing a book is usually seen as trite and people roll their eyes. I love them! I mean, I love them when they're positive and funny and quirky. I dislike the serious ones. Or worse, the ones trying to be poets. BLAH! I knew Drew Barrymore wouldn't let me down. I enjoyed each of her stories from her past and present. I especially liked when she wrote about her little girls and experiencing motherhood. She wrote so sweetly about them. I also loved hearing about how she developed he relationships with famous co-stars Adam Sandler as well as others. I think it's so cool to hear the back story. I also learned a lot about her! It was a light read, easy to breeze through - good for a vacation!

How Should a Person Be? by Sheila Heti
How Should a Person Be? is primarily about a woman in her everyday life with her artsy friends while struggling to complete a play she has been writing for years. I struggle to say whether or not I liked this book. I mean, I liked it. It just dragged a bit and got a bit long in the middle. There were some really great parts here and there - I just wish it carried on that way throughout the book. Often while reading, I found Sheila's (the character's name as well as the author's!) friends to be dramatically cliche but without them, I think the novel would have been lacking.

Vintage by Susan Gloss
I got this for only $2 on Amazon so at first, I was preparing for disappointment. In the past, I've gotten a couple books at this price on Amazon and found them to all be your typically bad books from the discount table. I didn't want this to be that way! I mean, it's called "Vintage" and it's about a woman who runs a vintage clothing shop! Come on! It was written for me! Or so I hoped. Thankfully, upon diving in, it did not come off as terrible. I immediately loved the shop owner, Violet, and how each chapter begun with a description of an item from her shop. I loved each character that was introduced as well and how they each wove into the story. It got a little cheesy in the middle but ended well and overall, I loved the story. I was kind of envious of Violet and her little vintage shop!

Don't Try to Find Me by Holly Brown
Another bargain find, I started this one a bit unsure. "Don't Try to Find Me" is about a runaway, Marley, and the book swaps POV from Marley to her mother. The more I read, the more I learn about Marley's disappearance. Many times while reading, I found myself thinking "you're so stupid" but I forget that some teens really are just stupid and they do stupid things. I mean, I shouldn't say stupid. She's just innocent and naive. Halfway through, it kinda got a bit Lifetime for me with the whole "oh waaaiiiitt Mom has secrets! Uh oh!" Like doesn't she always in these books? Still, I really liked Marley as a character and found myself rooting for her to make the right choices since she was, essentially, kidnapped/held hostage even though she ran away and voluntarily went to be with a guy she met online. Craziness!