Thursday, February 4, 2016

Think Pink: The Distinguishably Demure Dress from ModCloth

This was the dress that almost wasn't.

I snagged it originally in a size 10 when it was included in ModCloth's recent 70% off sale, going by the size chart and choosing accordingly. I didn't question my choice or debate whether to size up or down. Nope! I was 100% confident. This pretty, pretty thing was all mine!

It finally arrived and I happily pulled it on a few days later to try it on. I was shocked to find it too big on me! Not only was it roomy in the waist and bust, it was extremely roomy in the shoulders. Clearly, it was another dress designed for a taller gal. Dang my short torso! Then again, some would argue (mostly Cody) that all of me is short. So....yeah.

ANYWAY, I was kinda miffed. It was a final sale item - meaning, I couldn't return it. With a sigh, I figured, whatever, I'll post it for sale on the ModCloth BST group on Facebook. I didn't think I'd get a dress after all.

The next day, I noticed the sale was still on and thought I'd check on the dress to see if it just happened to have any left. I expected it to be sold out completely by then but to my surprise, not only as it NOT sold out, but it had the size I actually needed - an 8!


I didn't hesitate. I snagged the 8 and immediately posted the 10 for sale on the ModCloth group. It was listed for about a week before it went to a new home to a lovely lady anxiously waiting its beauty. I even got to see a snapshot of her in it and it fits her perfectly!

So deep down I am happy. Not only do I have this beauty to kick off February - aka Love Month - with a major pink punch, but another dress-lovin' gal like myself is also twirling around somewhere in it.

All is well that ends well, my friends!

The dress is just gosh darn beautiful. It was a steal at $53.99 since it retail for $179 originally. I can totally tell it was a high end dress. The fabric is lovely, the zipper is a heavy duty metal zipper (dream come true, right there), and its got layers! There's even a layer of tulle, though nothing can be puffy enough for me on its own so I threw on a trusty petticoat for good measure.

As I write this, the dress is actually still hanging on at 70% off. There's just one size left and I think it's appropriate that it's size 8. 


  1. I'm so glad this dress found its rightful home - it looks just smashing on you! I so love the bright pops of colour with the snowy background - it's wonderful! :D

  2. Hahaha, I chronicled a very similar modcloth dress saga on my blog. Not one review said it ran big but, it sure did! That is such a lovely dress for Valentine's Day!

  3. Yes, that's so awesome you ended up scoring an 8 that fit you!! And that's a great price. Love all the pink!
    I don't have many dresses that have much pink in them; I can't seem to find ones I like, usually. But, I have two Heart of Haute dresses on the way, and one has lots of pink, and one has coral!

  4. Wow what a perfect story! That's amazing they still had your size when you needed it and one lady needed the size you got too. It's such a gorgeous dress on you, the colours are perfect and I love the contrast of your petticoat!

  5. I love that purple petticoat, and just all of these colours together! I hate the anxiety of buying a dress and then it's the wrong size - so you have to sell and wait for the size you need to come up for sale...nerve wrecking! Glad this story had a happy ending :)

    Deco Darling

  6. Oh you look so lovely in this dress! Lucky you managed to get it in the right size, it really would have been a shame otherwise.
    Gorgeous you! I love the little cardi and the heels with the dress.
    Much love,