Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Valentine's Day Outfit: LindyBop's Vanessa Dress!

I tried to get my iTunes to play a bunch of romantic songs for me to write this post to, but it didn't want to work with me. I'd get "Better Man" by James Morrison and then right after, "This is Gospel" by Panic! at the Disco. Sigh. Shuffle is never in my favor. And yes, I have quite the variety of music in my library.

Music aside, let's talk Valentine's Day. It's one of my favorite holidays - besides Christmas, of course. If Christmas is the ultimate excuse for giving everyone presents and goodies, Valentine's Day is the mecca of all things love and adoration. I'm a sucker. A big ol' sucker.

I snagged this awesomely Valentine-esque wiggle dress from LindyBop after Christmas. They were still having their epic sale and this lovely was either added after the holidays or I just never noticed it. It may have been the latter. I typically look past wiggle dresses as I am much more comfortable and "me" in a sassy swing dress and petticoat.

Me? In a sexy wiggle? And a pair of pumps? Yeah, okay...

Since it was Valentine's Day, though, I figured it was worth being a little more pinup and a little less housewife.

Cody and I have reservations once again at The Melting Pot, where they have a special prefixed menu for the holiday and really make a big "to do" about it. You have to call a month in advance or you're left with a shitty reservation. A date like that requires a new dress and I knew it had to be something my date would appreciate.

I spotted this one and realized I would have to make the leap into wiggle-dom. For love's sake. Pink, red, and covered in flowers, I knew the Vanessa dress would make the perfect Valentine's Day date dress - it was sure to bring a smile to Cody's adorable face!

Of course, how could I pose for Valentine's Day portraits without some fun props?

I hope you all have special plans for Valentine's Day. If you're single, I hope you plan a Galentine's Day and get all dolled up with your gal pals. I know I will! Red and I already plan to have a girls' night to grab dinner and see the upcoming new Rebel Wilson movie "How to Be Single" (or whatever it's called). My sisters may even join us! We love a good chick flick comedy. Perhaps I will wear this dress to that, too!

Happy Valentine's Day! May you eat lots of chocolate and wear sexy wiggle dresses!