Thursday, February 25, 2016

Modern Pinup at the Bruins' Game

Guys and their sports, am I right?

Seems like most guys have their favorite. For Cody, it's hockey. He's a big Bruin's fan and also plays hockey with a bunch of guys (including his dad!) every Tuesday night. I love that he's become a brawny, broad-shouldered, hockey man since we first met, although the stink that emanates off his hockey gear every week leaves little to be desired...

After having a grand ol' time at a Bruin's game in December with his BFFL, Andrew, I asked (rather pitifully, might I add) why he never took me to a game. He laughed at first but when he realized I was serious, he got us a pair of tickets to go together. Sure I may not know much about hockey (are there 3 periods or 4 quarters? Or 2 halves? Seriously all these sports and their different times - it's too confusing!), but going to a game with my man? I am down!

Andrew + Cody = BFF (I joke that they're actually boyfriends, though.Their bromance is REAL)

I mean, if nothing else, I can put together an adorable outfit, right?


Please ignore the random rain spots on my cardi - it was drizzling when I snapped these!

Last night Cody and I headed down to the Boston Garden for our Bruins date. It was surprisingly difficult to find a tee shirt I liked before the game. I kind of just wanted a black tee shirt with the Bruins logo on it but it was surprisingly difficult to find one! I spotted this one and immediately liked the colors in the tee shirt. Would you believe me if I said it's a kids' tee? I would find a kids' shirt and like it the most.

Anyway, I didn't want to take away from the fun shirt (plus it was a rainy nasty day) so I paired it with one of my new found staples (my high rise Levi's), a yellow cardigan, my gold Chucks, and a big hair flower.

I know! Jeans on the blog, again!

Here we go, Bruins, here we go!

Being at the game with Cody was so fun fun, albeit a bit cold (I was glad I went with jeans this once). It's fun (and super important!) experiencing things with your special someone - even if one person doesn't know what the heck is going on half the time.

We indulged in your typical bad-for-you "take me out to the ball game" food (oh wait...) and Cody sipped on an overpriced beer while I looked around and wondered why hockey teams don't get cheerleaders.

I mean, seriously? How cute would they be in ice skates, leg warmers, skirts, Bruins sweaters, scarves, and Bruin beanies on their heads? Freakin' adorable, if you ask me!!! Who do I need to talk to in order to get this started?