Thursday, February 25, 2016

Modern Pinup at the Bruins' Game

Guys and their sports, am I right?

Seems like most guys have their favorite. For Cody, it's hockey. He's a big Bruin's fan and also plays hockey with a bunch of guys (including his dad!) every Tuesday night. I love that he's become a brawny, broad-shouldered, hockey man since we first met, although the stink that emanates off his hockey gear every week leaves little to be desired...

After having a grand ol' time at a Bruin's game in December with his BFFL, Andrew, I asked (rather pitifully, might I add) why he never took me to a game. He laughed at first but when he realized I was serious, he got us a pair of tickets to go together. Sure I may not know much about hockey (are there 3 periods or 4 quarters? Or 2 halves? Seriously all these sports and their different times - it's too confusing!), but going to a game with my man? I am down!

Andrew + Cody = BFF (I joke that they're actually boyfriends, though.Their bromance is REAL)

I mean, if nothing else, I can put together an adorable outfit, right?


Please ignore the random rain spots on my cardi - it was drizzling when I snapped these!

Last night Cody and I headed down to the Boston Garden for our Bruins date. It was surprisingly difficult to find a tee shirt I liked before the game. I kind of just wanted a black tee shirt with the Bruins logo on it but it was surprisingly difficult to find one! I spotted this one and immediately liked the colors in the tee shirt. Would you believe me if I said it's a kids' tee? I would find a kids' shirt and like it the most.

Anyway, I didn't want to take away from the fun shirt (plus it was a rainy nasty day) so I paired it with one of my new found staples (my high rise Levi's), a yellow cardigan, my gold Chucks, and a big hair flower.

I know! Jeans on the blog, again!

Here we go, Bruins, here we go!

Being at the game with Cody was so fun fun, albeit a bit cold (I was glad I went with jeans this once). It's fun (and super important!) experiencing things with your special someone - even if one person doesn't know what the heck is going on half the time.

We indulged in your typical bad-for-you "take me out to the ball game" food (oh wait...) and Cody sipped on an overpriced beer while I looked around and wondered why hockey teams don't get cheerleaders.

I mean, seriously? How cute would they be in ice skates, leg warmers, skirts, Bruins sweaters, scarves, and Bruin beanies on their heads? Freakin' adorable, if you ask me!!! Who do I need to talk to in order to get this started?


  1. Dressing up in cute outfits at typically casual events is a lot of fun! You look so adorable!

  2. Ah you look so stinkin adorable in that outfit!! I love the way you've tied the little cardi, and I love the shirt and the jeans look awesome on you!!
    I find hockey very violent, but I do watch it if Sweden is doing well...
    Much love,

    1. Oh it so is! Whenever they start fighting, I sit there like "why?" haha luckily, there were hardly any fights at the game we went to! I think there was 1 little tussle and that was it! It was impressive actually haha!

  3. Such a cute outfit on you! I really love all the yellow (naturally). That hair flower is perfect! That's sweet of you that you went because Cody wanted to. I wouldn't want to go, ha!

  4. What a CUTE DATE!! Thats so much fun! My man and I are neither sports fans but we both like to experience them together once in a while, for something totally out of our comfort zone! I love how you found a kiddie shirt, like seriously kids have the best stuff....i'm often always in the kid section seeing what fun things they have and pretend I'm shopping for my niece or something...or maybe because I'm so short they think I'm ten! either way its great! Also you should TOTALLY start a hockey cheerleading team, why don't they have it? It would be the darn cutest!

    1. I think I will...and my first recruited cheerleader is YOU! Hey, I mean, you can make our uniforms, right? ;)

  5. I think this is really cute! It still shows off your style and is really fun as well as matching the occasion perfectly. Yellow looks so good on you!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

  6. You look freaking adorable! And, Cody reminds me of Ed Sheeran.

    Funny enough, I like sports more than Nehemiah does! I mean, I don't really LIKE sports, but I do love going to games. There's something really fun about hte energy of the crowd, and rooting for a team. Nehemiah could take or leave it, and HATES superbowl Sundays, though. We're not really a sports family. But I gotta admit, I love going to a good summer baseball game. (My brothers and parents all played baseball when I was growing up, so it's all childhood memories.)

  7. This is a super cute, casual look. I like the pin-up twist! <3

    - Anna

  8. This is so cute, and I love how the hair flower pulls the whole look together! I would be so lost at a hockey game, and I would probably complain the whole time about being cold :/

    You are definitely onto something with the cheerleaders though - that would be adorable!


  9. Are those gold Converse? Wow. I want them! Although mine actually rub in all the wrong places, so I try to resist the urge to buy more... Difficult when they're this cute though!

  10. Super fun outfit! I really like the idea of pairing a sports tee with a hair flower. The juxtaposition of worlds totally works!

    ♥ Jessica