Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Little Miss Mixing Patterns

I'm one week into January and have already broken my "no dress shopping" rule for the 1st of the year. Now that the holidays are over, I like to go on a sort of spending freeze to let my bank account beef back up to where I like it. In my defense, I actually made the purchase in question BEFORE New Year's Eve so I guess technically I'm still following the rules?

Anyway, it wasn't the dress I am wearing here that I splurged on. It was actually 2 dresses that I spotted for 45% off on the Lady Vintage website during their post-Christmas sale. Did anyone else take advantage of some of the post-holiday sales? I always forget about them and am surprised when I see the emails start flooding in.

The dress I am wearing in this post is one I actually received for Christmas from my sister, Emma! She did good, right?

I am lucky in that my family is pretty observant and keyed into my style. Sure, no one in my family dresses like me (in fact, I warn my sisters often that someday they may have to pull on a petticoat for me - future retro bridesmaids anyone? Someday, someday...), but they get a kick out of my outfits, I think, and always seem to know what to get me for my birthday or Christmas.

Emma went overboard this year for sure! She nailed it with his Hearts and Roses dress (one I somehow never spotted on the ModCloth website) and also gave me a new Malco Modes tea length petticoat - in purple!

While we are on the subject, my petticoat collection has gotten a bit out of hand and they're kind of taking over my dressing room. If anyone knows of a clever storage solution for puffy pettis, let me know. I am open to suggestions!

This dress has a little stretch in it so it's a comfortable wear and I just adore the neckline with the red ribbon. It weaves in and out of the dress, giving it a really nice detail that I can really appreciate. I also love the mixed patterns. I am all for loud patterns on a dress or skirt and to see that this puppy is polka dotted and floral is just magical. Magical, I say!

For my fellow retro ladies out there - do your family and friends know what you really wanted for the holidays or do you get stuck with gift cards or clothes you only somewhat like?


  1. Such a gorgeous dress and the shoes look perfect with it, what a lovely present to receive! I got both practical and fun presents, my family knows me well when gift giving, though I usually hint what I would like lol x

  2. This is such a gorgeous dress! Your sister really did an amazing job with that gift! I am a suckered for after the holidays shopping too and bought quite a few things! Lol! Petticoats do take up a lot of room and I am running out of room too!


  3. Very cute outfit!! Your sister knows your style pretty well, I'd say! I love the dress paired with your red Iones. And I reallyyyy love your new hair!! It suits you so well.

  4. Ok so it's my turn to say This dress was MADE for you! it looks so good on you and the colours are so fabulous!!

  5. This dress is perfect! I love the print - I have a polka dotted floral one too, which I just looove. It makes me happy when prints are mixed. I think your sister did very well. Good job to her.
    My mother is really good at getting things my style, because we basically have the same style haha! And about petticoats - I'm really interested in a good way to store them too. They do take up a lot of room.
    You look very beautiful.
    Much love,

  6. LOVE this dress!! (I actually own the same one...it will be on my blog sometime tonight, hehe). At first I was worried the print was a little loud for me, but I soon came to the conclusion that it's awesome. Then, once I saw it on you, my decision was confirmed. Thanks for making it look so good! :)

    I don't own any petticoats yet, sorry I can't help!