Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cherry, Pick It Up...

Have you ever created an outfit based on a feeling? Sure, we all have. How about taking inspiration from a story or character? Oh I don't doubt we all have done that before! Hmm, what about using music as inspiration? Ever plan an outfit based on a song?

I never thought to until I opened this outfit on Christmas Eve. It was given to me by Cody's mother, Brenda, who I have formed quite a nice relationship with over the past 4 years (4 years - whaaaaat?). Clearly, she knows me well. While I had sent this red top to Cody on my wish list (which he cleverly shared with her), the cherry covered skirt was all Brenda. She said she couldn't resist and I can see why!

It kind of made me emotional inside to see such a thoughtful and personal gift in the giftbox. This is the first time I can truly say that I have formed a strong bond with a boyfriend's family. Sure, I was friendly with my exes' families and could hold a conversation with them and liked them all just fine, but I have never felt this comfortable in any of their houses or felt so close to any of my exes' mothers. Brenda and I get along so well, go shopping and spend time together on our own (lame, I know, but I never spent alone time with my exes' moms without the boyfriend present before) and we even text each other often. I genuinely feel like we have become friends in a way. It's so different and I love it! Thanks so much, B! ;)

The skirt and top are both from, you guessed it, LindyBop (would it be from anywhere else?) and are happily settling in with the rest of my wardrobe.

But back to my musical inspiration! When I opened this outfit and saw them together, I immediately started to sing a particular song in my head. It was "Pick Up the Phone" by Dragonette.

Ever hear of it? No? Here's a little lyric preview for you so you get where the cherry association comes from:

Come on, Cherry, Cherry, you're still very young
and we've only just started having fun.
I'm picking fruit and I choose you, you're so cool.
No need to save yourself for someone else to come.

So we went completely wild,
kicked over a city street light.
Saint Thomas was vandalized
and I'm sorry but I'm not surprised.

Pick up the phone, pick up the phone.
Congratulations, I'm having visions of us
breaking everything on our way out of town.

We're going places you never dreamed of...

To be honest, I only know this one song by this band (but I really need to check out more because a band with a chick lead singer? Yes please!). I received it as the "free song of the week" on iTunes back in the day - oh Lord, sometime in 2009?!

I am not sure if iTunes does this anymore, but they used to offer 2-3 songs for free every week and man, I ritually went and downloaded them every week. I loved it! I used to find so many really good songs that way! Most were just OK, but every once in awhile, I'd get a song that was just SO GOOD!

This was one of them! I have loved this song since I downloaded it and still leave it on when it comes on shuffle so I can sing along.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that it popped into my head upon seeing this skirt. The cherries on this skirt are big, bold, and funky! Paired with my telephone brooch, the outfit is fun and sassy and, well, it sounds just like this song: