Friday, November 27, 2015

Cherry Velvet, If You Please...

Anyone else think of "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles when they read Cherry Velvet? No? Hmm. I can't be the only one who associates nearly everything with music. Then again, maybe I am...

Happy Friday, boys and girls! Happy Day After Thanksgiving, too! And if you're down with being insane (like Cody and his mom!), Happy Black Friday!

After working so many Black Fridays at Kohls in my college days, I have avoided shopping on Black Friday like the plague. This year, I am even refraining from the deals online from Bernie Dexter, Pinup Girl Clothing, Retrolicious, and the like. I just don't need anything new right now. I decided I could hold back and simply save the money for everyone's gifts or just to save altogether.

So while you're all going nuts over your shopping carts selling out from under you, I will be enjoying my last day of my vacation, maybe wrapping some presents, blasting holiday tunes, and possibly baking some cookies. We'll see where the day takes me...

One of the things I decided to do today was to share what I wore to Thanksgiving at Cody's family's house yesterday. I scored this Cherry Velvet dress of a lovely lass on the ModCloth BST group on Facebook for the fraction of the cost it retails for on the website - and that alone makes this dress just so precious.

I just adore the multi-color polka dots but I absolutely LOVE the detail on the neckline (you can't really see it here but there are buttons along the side where the thinner strips of fabric meets the bodice) and the buttoned cuffs on the quarter sleeve. You know I can't resist a dress with great detail!

I had never heard of this brand before spotting this dress on the Facebook group. It's apparently a vintage reproduction company from Canada. Their other dresses are lovely, though out of my price range as they all run for over $100. No thanks!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat far too much and hang around the house all day? That's pretty much what Cody and I did. He helped his mom create the juiciest turkey we ever had and I, of course, brought some dessert. I made my Pumpkin Pie White Chocolate Chip Blondies and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

What was your favorite treat yesterday? The dessert or the meal? The snacks or the beverages? Come on, everyone's got one!