Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ashley is Sweet 16!

Just a couple weeks ago, Ashley celebrated her Sweet 16 with a large group of her friends, gal pals, and family. Dressed in a voluminous princess-esque gown covered in gems and sparkly stones, Ashley practically glowed as she danced and partied it up at her party.

I've known Ashley and her family for over 6 years. Her mom, Jay, was one of my managers in the studio I worked for when I graduated college. Ashley and her little sis, Ariana, always visited the studio and were quite used to being in front of the camera.

I haven't worked in the studio in over 4 years now but a bunch of us still see each other and hang out. Jay is one of the bunch and when she called me to shoot Ashley's portrait session as well as her party, I didn't hesitate to say yes.

Then I stopped because...HOLD UP! Ashley is 16?! WHAT? How? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Damn, time flies.

Ashley's birthday bash was amazing - the work she and her mom put into it was very clear and everyone had a blast. There were even costume changes as Ashley and her gang went about the night with surprise dance performances and then some.

I remember meeting her at 10 years old. She was such a cutie and is growing up to be a total beauty. She's a shortie like her mama with the brightest smile.

It was way too easy photographing her before the party and during. Her enthusiasm could have filled the venue alone!

To make things easy for her one-on-one photo shoot prior to her big party day, we hit up a local park near Ashley's house and made due with small nooks and crannies throughout the area.

After some fun in casual wear, Ashley pulled on her insanely gorgeous gown for some pure glamorous portraits involving balloons, glitter, and then some. Who doesn't love a good glitter shower?

Ashley, while I cannot believe you're now 16 and a full fledged young woman, it has been so cool to be friends with your mama and see you grow up. You're a beautiful young woman with smarts to match and I can't wait to see where your future takes you!