Monday, October 26, 2015

It's All a Bunch of Voodoo! (Along With Some Thoughts on Body Image)

At first, I didn't know what I'd write to complement this kickass Voodoo Vixen dress that I scored off Zulily recently. I usually like to tie in a story or an activity in my style posts or at least keep a theme going for the post. I am not one to post photos and outfit details and leave it at that. Nah, I talk too much for that!

Then, as I was brushing my teeth this morning, I knew exactly what I'd discuss and highlight in this post.

My chubby. flabby, arms.

Woah - she's gonna highlight her flaws? Make everyone zero in on the parts of her body she hates?



Because when I was getting dressed this morning, I loved how this dress looked and felt. It zipped up in such a satisfying way (it fits like a glove - a really nice glove that kind of just formed to my shape) and it's super flattering at the waist and bust (hello, cleavage I don't usually have!), but every time I looked in the mirror, one thing stopped my positivity train.

My arms.

I kept grimacing at how chubby they looked compared to everything else and kept frowning at them. The adorable collar is my favorite part of this dress but it kind of accentuates the arms and this ticked me off as I stood in front of my mirror.

I walked away to have breakfast and feed the children (reptilian children, that is!) and tried to forget about it. But then I went to brush my teeth before leaving for work and caught myself grimacing at my arms again! What the hell, arms!?

This time, I put myself in check.

Yeah, self, yes, you have chubby arms. You do, okay? It's just a fact. They run in the family (the famous Order arms, we call them since they come from my mother's side - Order is her maiden name) and every one in your family struggles with their arms.

So what?

You've got beefy upper arms that make it kinda hard to fit into cute winter dresses that have sleeves on them and sure, you've gotta size up sometimes when you buy a short sleeve top to ensure the arms will fit. Oh and actually finding a dress or shirt with elastic sleeves nearly makes you orgasm with happiness.

So what?

Am I going to let my chubby arms change how awesome I feel in this dress? This dress that only cost me $30 (ka-ching!) and will be so cozy and cute throughout the winter?


Yeah, I've got chubby arms. But it's just how it is. It's something I don't like about myself but at the same time, now want to accept about myself. I get stuck in the mind set of "should I be trying harder to lose weight I've recently put on?" and when that happens I get so guilty and distracted by my weight and changing body - I'm just not myself. That's when I have to put myself in check.

Am I saying I don't care about what I put into my body and how it affects it? Gosh, no, but I am certainly not killing myself (along with my self esteem) over a thing like chubby arms.

I am more than the size of my chubby arms! I am more than the size of my belly when I sit down (we all know what I'm talking about there!).

Perhaps it was a recent blog post by the fabulous Miss Amy May that sparked this post. She wrote honestly about how a particular style of dress made her nervous because of her "chubby uppers" but it didn't stop her from getting it and rocking the heck out of it, which I so loved! She even gave them a cute little name! Either way, I am trying to follow Amy's foot steps from now on.

So I've got chubby arms! YEAH! I DO!

...but I look freakin' AWESOME in this Voodoo Vixen dress and my "chubby uppers" aren't going to hold me back from that!


  1. That dress looks amazing! :)
    x Angel //

  2. You do look amazing and I think your arms are perfect! I am the same way though and I don't like my arms very much and don't even get me started about how I felt when I tried on a mesh sleeve top this year. LOL! I really love this dress you are wearing and at only $30 what a deal! The print and colors are amazing!


  3. Cute dress :)
    Maria V.

  4. You look super cute in that dress! But I get how you see one thing that bugs you - I do that too. We just need to slap ourselves inside to stop doing that!!

  5. Love this dress on you! And wow, what a great price! I don't think your arms look chubby, but everyone sees themselves a certain way. Regardless, I'm glad you're deciding not to let it stop you from wearing dresses like this, because you look great!

  6. AMEN. You do look awesome in this dress and I honestly would not have noticed your "chubby uppers" (but, nor do I think they're chubby ;) ) if you hadn't said anything. I often feel this way about my thighs -- wearing pencil skirts or jeans makes me notice the natural thickness I've got going on there, and I'm trying hard lately to just be happy where I'm at. I'll always have muscular thighs even if I lose a bunch of weight and slim them down! At my thinnest, I was a size 8 jean because my thighs are naturally muscular.

    Also, I struggle with the arms of things, too. SIGH. Any kind of extra muscle or fat in your arms and BOOM no more cute cap sleeve dresses ever. It just means we're so awesome clothes cannot contain us. ;)

    You look rockin'! And I love this post!

  7. This is great! I think we can all relate to this struggle: of trying to love and accept our bodies AS THEY ARE, while also having space for wanting to make positive changes in how we TREAT our bodies (eating healthier food, getting more exercise, etc.) It's hard to hold the two ideas simultaneously in my head, and I think you do such a terrific job of explaining it here.

  8. You look amazing! At first I was like, "Is she crazy? I don't see chubby arms at all!!" But then I thought about the things I say in my head when I get dressed, and I have been known to put myself down as well. :( Are all women insane? Why do we do this? You are beautiful, and this dress totally rocks. Even better that it was cheap :)

    BTW, all of your talk of Zulily has gotten me hooked on them. I bought 2 cute bags two weeks ago, and I am anxiously waiting for them to arrive! Does shipping always take forever?