Monday, October 12, 2015

A Retro Revolution: Julie Mollo's Pink Lemonade "Retroversible" Skirt!

I am so calling this skirt (along with all of Julie's designs) a Retro Revolution because, well, isn't reversible clothes pretty much just that? I mean, it's 2 skirts in one! Can't decide between yellow and pink? Guess what? You don't have to! Get sick of wearing pink halfway through the day? Just unzip it, flip it, and voila! New skirt for the afternoon!

As you may know, I met Julie Mollo a couple weeks ago at the New England Shake-Up, where she was a vendor. She had a cute little tent out on the sunny parking lot in the car show and her personality matched the weather! She greeted me with a warm smile and told me all about her designs - all of which she calls "retroversible." Her dresses and skirts are all reversible! I nearly died.

She got me to try some skirts on over my dress (that must have been a sight to see!) and we talked about crappy zipper quality - a HUGE pet peeve of mine. She agreed with me and told me how she only used heavy duty utility in her items, especially since they have to be adaptable to the reversible concept. I could tell! The zipper on this skirt is definitely heavy duty and zips so cleanly, it nearly gave me chills.

Too much?  Not at all. After my Unique Vintage disaster where Cody had to rip me out of my dress because the zipper got stuck, finding well made garments makes angels sing in my head.


I fell in love with the Pink Lemonade skirt. The yellow and pink are just so vibrant and bold. I love me some bold colors! I don't, however, have a lot of solid color skirts!

It was a bit challenging styling it at first and it gave me a bit of anxiety, I won't lie, since I am so used to pairing simple tops to crazy patterned skirts. You wouldn't think the opposite would be so hard!

Then I spotted my reliable Bernie Dexter blouse and all was well in the world. With both yellow and pink right in the center of the pattern, I knew it'd be a perfect match.

Zipper and color aside, the best part of this skirt is the quality, hands down. It's super soft and made with super good quality fabric. You can tell with just one touch! It's a full circle skirt so twirling is recommended and I just felt happy and sunny all day long.

Be sure to check Julie's website out. She also has these adorable shift dresses with plaid collars and, yes (before you ask), they are retroversible, too!