Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Unique Vintage's Dress of the Month Club: August

"You're turning violet, Violet!"

I decided to be a bit monochromatic for this post - and by a bit, I mean a lot. Notice anything different about me? I went violet!

To be honest, my hair color did not change just for this dress. I had actually just come home from buying the new hair color when I spotted August's Dress of the Month sitting outside my door. When I opened it up and saw this lovely eggplant number, I knew I had to wait to photograph it until my hair was done. It was a match made in dress heaven!

August's Dress of the Month Club dress is beautiful. I think thos is my favorite one out of all of them. I put it on and had a "va va voom!" moment in the mirror because, hello, flattering style on my figure! I am so in love with the neckline, the semi sheer-ness of the top, and the gathered waistline. So lovely!

I purpled it up to the max with a pair of purple flats, my new vintage Iris brooch, and, of course, my freshly dyed hair. I jumped for joy when I noticed the dress matches my great grandmother's clutch that I received when my Bubbie moved earlier this year.

I even made sure my petticoat matched. If you're gonna go big, go BIG - right?

This is my last Dress of the Month Club dress. I told myself back in April that I'd only do it for a few months and here we are, 5 months later! It was fun to participate in this Spring and I definitely enjoyed the excitement of opening up a mystery box every month.

I have to say, though, there were some aspects I wasn't happy about. I am a very colorful gal and I adore prints. Out of my 5 dresses, 3 were solid color dresses and all 3 of those were DARK (1 was black, 1 was navy, and 1 was eggplant). Kind of a bummer.

Also, Unique Vintage has GOT to improve their zipper quality. 2 of my dresses - also my 2 favorites - have the WORST zippers on them. April's dress required Cody using a pair of vice grips to zip it up (and not, it wasn't too small, I promise!). That was frustrating but oh well.

The same thing happened with this beautiful violet dress. I knew I'd need his help zipping because the dress has boning and not much stretch so I knew it'd be a squeeze. We actually zipped it up without too much trouble (though he did use his vice grip to be sure) and the dress didn't squeeze me too bad. I wore it, I posed, I photographed it, and then I had to ruin it.

Yes, you read that right. Cody couldn't get me out of it! The cheap zipper kept getting stuck. It wasn't snagged on the material, it just wouldn't budge when it hit a certain point. AT ALL. After struggling endlessly and just making it worse, I started to get anxious so I told him to just get it off.

He had to break the zipper.


I'm going to take it to my local tailors and hope they can replace it with a better quality zipper. If not, I hope UV will take this one back. It breaks my heart - especially since I felt SO GOOD in it and would love to wear it to my cousin's wedding coming up (I think I might have dubbed April's dress as my dress for the wedding but I've changed my mind - this is it!).

I was invited to a Facebook group for the Dress of the Month Club and it's been nice to see others' thoughts and feelings on it. I will definitely keep my eye on the group to see if anything improves or any beauties are sent out in future months.

Have you received a Dress of the Month Club dress lately? What have your zipping experiences been?


  1. What a beautiful dress. It looks lovely and classy on you. I like that you accessorized your outfit to coordinate with the color of the dress. It's unfortunate the zipper was faulty. :(

    1. Thank you so much!! Zipper is currently getting replaced - hoping for an improvement!! ;)

  2. Well who wouldn't love this whole look! Matching hair and dress! Yes please! I think getting a dress every month in the mail is a dress come true! But you are right we need color and prints and please give us good zippers!! LOL! Well at least you look amazing!


    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you! Gotta love it when every piece of the outfit just works, right? You know what I'm talking about! ;)

  3. I love you in this dress and you are totally rocking the new hair color - woop woop! Seriously sucks about the zipper though, yucko! I would be rather disappointed in the company if they didn't replace it and I can't see myself joining the dress of the month club either if that is the case.
    Regardless though, I hope your seamstress can fix it because you sure do look HOT HOT HOT!
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs

    1. Well, I didn't bother calling - since I technically broke it, I KNOW they won't be into replacing it. Even if they did, I don't want a replacement bc it will have the same crappy zipper! I'd rather pay $25 to get it replaced with a better one in the end!

  4. That's really poor about the zippers! I've been considering one of UV's for my bridesmaid dress next year, and now I worry a bit about that! Worth it if it's flattering and you've got the money to fix the problem, but even really cheap companies make decent zips these days, so there's no excuse... You should try to fix this one though as it looks awesome on you! x

    1. Exactly!! I have some dresses that cost me a fraction of the cost of a UV dress and they have fantastic zippers! It's a UV thing, apparently. Ugh! But thank you! I love this dress and can't wait to get it back from the tailors new and improved! ;)

  5. I was considering joining dress of the month but I was worried about the styles-I didn't want anything I wouldn't like to wear arrive and feel disappointed. But this dress is adorable. I love the all over colour scheme (your hair is AWESOME!) but its a shame you had to be forced out of it- hopefully it can be repaired.

  6. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! Really love the color and it's so cute that you even got a matching petticoat! Hope you will be able to sort out the zipper problem, this dress is really worth it.

  7. That is so frustrating that the zippers are bad! I've had dresses like that -- most of the time, the zipper gets stuck right where the waist seams are, because the fabric is thicker and it creates a bit more stress in that area. SO FRUSTRATING. I hate cheap zippers. Especially on gorgeous dresses! I have a dress that I found at a garage sale that is in perfect condition except... the zipper. Same issue! I'll probably replace it sometime soon when I get a zipper to match (thankfully I know how to do that on my own!) but for now it hangs forlornly in my closet, unworn because I got too annoyed that I couldn't get the zipper up OR down.

    OTHERWISE... you look amazing! The cut and color of that dress are just beyond on you; you are such a bombshell. And I adore your hair! You and Hannah (The Outfit Repeater) are making me want to dye my hair SO BADLY and I might have to join the colorful hair club (can that be a thing?) after this baby is born. Only problem is, what color do I even choose? There are too many good ones!


  8. This is such a unique color and it looks great on you! Well done!

  9. This dress is beautiful, so what a disappointment it must have been to find it was made so poorly! I find that, after wearing so much true vintage, modern recreations just can't compare. Until companies realize that their monetary gain isn't the only thing to worry about - and therefore start giving us a little more quality in their products - vintage will always reign supreme for me! I really hope UV works that out, and that your dress still fits and looks just as lovely once it's been fixed :) purple is a great color on you!